Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snyder who??????

So was I the only one expecting to tune to NESN last night and see a guy in with a pot belly wearing a white t-shirt with a pack of smokes rolled up in the sleeve and a tool belt standing on the mound? I sure didn't expect to see a six foot eight Bronson Arroyo look alike.

I guess you know things are going your way when you sign a guy that wasn't good enough for the KC Royals to keep around and he goes out and gives you five good innings and gets the win. It seems that now they have to figure out what to do with him. With the days off falling as they do the Sox won't need a number five guy until July 1 so they have time to figure out who's doing what and when.

On the reality check side, I still saw Sox hitters hacking at the first pitch, once following a four pitch walk and another after a five pitch walk.

I must say though that last night was better than it has been lately. There were some timely hits and some great small ball being played. This is what I expected to see more of when the season started. There were several hit and run plays on last night, some worked some didn't, but the fact that it was being done was good to see. I liked the fact that, down by a run, they bunted both runners over to put the go ahead run in scoring position and avoid the inning ending double play. This time it worked great the next guy gets a single and drives them both in.

My only concern is how long will Sox fans stomach the small ball when it doesn't work like it did last night. I'd like to see the Sox management be committed to this type of play. They have the tools to be very effective with it and it complements the big guns of Manny and Papi, turn some solo jacks into two and three run homers.


Zebster said...

Thanks, Cuz. I didn't get to see much of it watching the Cup Final. I did tune in and go "Who's that pitching?" I missed that transaction. I did hear he's going to Pawtucket for the time being.

Karen said...

Questions for you BoSox Tavern people: How many sox games do you watch (out of the 160 odd) completely? How many at least some part of? How many NonSox games do you watch?

Zebster said...

Completely completely? Probably none. Kinda completely, like 75-90%? Probably most. And I always find out how they did.
Very little these days on other games, but I keep up with what's going on with Sportcenter or Baseball Tonight.

LittleCuz said...

I'll see or hear portions of most games. With the XM I'm able to listen even when I'm in the boonies camping. I'll see/hear parts of 95% of the games, those I miss I'll catch up with on the Globe's web site and other fans.