Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Sox Wake up........finally

For the first time in four starts the Sox offense showed up when Wakefield was on the mound. It's good to see him get a win finally. He's been pitching well and has put the Sox in position to win at least three of the previous four before last nights gem.

I have to agree with AA that Cora has been on fire lately. I've always liked him, he's a smart hard working player that keeps the defense on it's toes. Not to mention he seems to come through when they need that key hit. Another guy that has quietly been improving at the plate is Gonzalez, he's brought his average up to .250, which is very acceptable with his gold glove caliber defense. Finally Jeter won't win the glove by default this year.

It was also good to see Kapler get the reception he did last night, what was it two standing Os. He's an original dirt dog and will always be a fan fav. He seems to be running normally, a good sign with the achilles injury of last season.

And how about the Sox defense, best in baseball if I hear that right last night. Fielding percentage of .995, so much for last years team being better defensively than this years.

As for the offense the first 7 regular hitters in the line up all have a OBP of .340 or better, 3 of which are over .420.

On a personal note, the boy and I have been doing some batting on the front lawn, I've been working on that knuckle ball. So last night while watching the game Remy is talknig about how effect Wake's knuckler was and the boy pipes up, "Hey Dad, you throw a lot of knuckle balls, they could use you!". Gotta love the perspective of the eight year old. I'll bask in the glory of doing no wrong and having super guy status while it lasts, I hear that changes somewhere around 12 or 13.......

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