Thursday, June 22, 2006

What am I going to do?????

No Sox on tonight, the US is playing Ghana at 10AM and I have to work! It's a good thing it's bowling night. I think they are showing a Sea Dogs game on NESN though. the Connecticut Defenders, I think this is the same franchise as the Norwich team. They are affiliated with the Giants now and not the Spankees.

Link of the day is to an article in the Globe about steriod use by Paxton Crawford while with the Sox from '99 '01:


So the question is, will this ever go away and what does Baseball have to do to ensure it does?


AA said...

Sounds like the perfect opportunity to start watching "Civil War".
As for Crawford, well, he always seemed a bit suspect after his bed "accident". Beyond that though, I don't really remember him. His claims regarding the rampant use in the clubhouse seem a bit far-fetched, but who the hell knows what really went down?
With respect to the long term black-eye that baseball will suffer as a result of this issue, I guess it remains to be seen. What is apparent is that the era comprised of the last decade or so will almost certainly be viewed as tainted and one of the darker chapters (of many) in the sport's history, which is a shame because there are several legitimate accomplishments that have been attained in this period. The sport will survive, of course, but it's all rather depressing.

Zebster said...

And attendance hasn't suffered in the least. I guess that's ultimately the answer on effect.

I've created a monster suggesting you guys blog. Good stuff.

LittleCuz said...

You asked for it Zeb and you got it. Make your bed and all that good stuff. I'm not sure who was on the email list, but the Wife is now blogging too. The Falmouth cousin's blogs inspired her. Here's the link in case you didn't get it:

Zeb maybe you could set this as a link from our page.....

Zebster said...

I don't have your Mrs' email and thus bummed to hear it wasn't me who inspired her; but will gladly check it out and add the link here per your request. (I'll assume there'll be no objections LOL)
Sorry the World Cup updates weren't better. I had no control over it or they would've been better.

Karen said...

Zeb, you must have indirectly inspired Jen because without LittleCruz reading your blog, they wouldnt have known about mine :-).