Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Now that's more like it!

Finally, Wakefield received some long-deserved run support while pitching a gem. The knuckler was particularly effective last night - he barely threw the fastball (such as it is) which is what he's relied upon in too many outings this year. To date, "Wakey" (in Francona parlance) has quietly amassed some very nice numbers which are not fairly reflected in his win/loss record. (Again, that pesky run support issue.) His ERA after last night is 3.82 - not too shabby for your number 3 guy.
Another encouraging sign is that the bats seem to have woken up from top to bottom, with some unlikely folks basking in the glory. Cora continues to be a silent ace-in-the-hole with his smart defense, head-up baserunning, and timely hitting. Loretta is likewise hot again and, reluctant as I am to say it because Tom will become moist and impossible to deal with, Trot is playing like an all-star.
The stinky residue from the hideous series in Minnesota last week is now but a faint memory. They seem to be back on track. Let's hope they keep it together.


Zebster said...

Nice, AA, and stats too!

LittleCuz said...

I was inspired AA......