Sunday, October 09, 2011

College Football Predictions Results - Week 6

The word for next week:  Rededication.  A .500 week is not acceptable.  But playing around with all of these double digit point spreads can cause havoc with picking the games.  

1)  #3 Oklahoma (-9.5) vs. #11 Texas (at Dallas) - Win.  Oklahoma 55, Texas 17.  I would have never had guessed that Oklahoma would coast to this easy of a victory.  I have said that Texas was overrated.  Looks like I might have been right about that.

2)  #17 Florida at #1 LSU (-12)  - Win.  Florida 11, LSU 41.  Looks like LSU vs. Alabama will be to see who is the baddest bully on the block in SEC country.  I am liking the Bayou Tigers in that matchup at this particular moment in time.

3)  #15 Auburn (+10) at #10 Arkansas  - Loss.  Auburn 14, Arkansas 38.  The Razorbacks can air the ball out.  However, they aren't even close to the class of the SEC West.  Looks like another year of Arkansas losing 2 or 3 games in conference and going to a medium tier bowl. 

4)  #24 Texas A&M (-7) at Texas Tech - Loss.  Texas A&M 45, Texas Tech 40.  Seth Doege for Texas Tech attempted 66 passes in this game.  That is nuts.  A&M held in the 4th Quarter of this game, but not enough to make this a winner for me.

5)  Miami (+8.5) at #21 Virginia Tech - Win.  Miami 35, Virginia Tech 38.  The Canes could have and should have won this game.  However, the Hokies made the plays when they absolutely needed them and came away with the hard fought victory at home.

6)  California at #9 Oregon (-24.5) -  Win.  California 15, Oregon 43.  The Ducks are still on a mission until playing Stanford.  They are blowing away the PAC-12 opposition.  Cal doesn't look all that good.  Wonder if the natives there are getting restless.

7)  Air Force (+17) at Notre Dame - Loss.  Air Force 33, Notre Dame 59.  Notre Dame went out the past two weeks and played like world beaters.  This is what the experts expected from the Fighting Irish since day one.

8)  Ohio State at #14 Nebraska (-10)  - Loss.  Ohio State 27, Nebraska 34.  It looks like I overrated the Cornhuskers this year.  Playing against a wounded Ohio State team and have to comeback to win the game?  Sounds like an overrated team to me.

9)  Colorado (+27) at #7 Stanford - Loss.  Colorado 7, Stanford 48.  The Buffs rolled over and played dead yet again this season.  The Cardinal is a good team and I am waiting to see them and Oregon duke it out.

10)  Georgia at Tennessee (+1) - Loss.  Georgia 20, Tennessee 12.  These teams are fighting for third and fourth place in the SEC East.  Congrats to Georgia for clinching a mid tier bowl.

Additional Two

11)  Kansas at Oklahoma State (-33) -  Win.  Kansas 28, Oklahoma State 70.  This has to be embarrassing for Kendall Gill and the Jayhawks.  As for the Cowboys, they are steamrolling everybody with their offense.   

12)  Connecticut at #16 West Virginia (-21) - Win.  Connecticut 16, West Virginia 43.  UConn might want to rethink this leaving the Big East conference.  Look at their record.  And trying to move into the ACC will make the Huskies even worse.  As for the Mountaineers, the offense is starting to click but I can see someone figuring out the system before the season end.

Week 6 Results:  6-6 Record.  1-4 Picking Underdogs.  5-2 Picking Favorites.  1-3 Road Underdog.  0-1 Home Underdog.  1-1 Road Favorites.  4-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  48-23-2 Record.  67.1 Win Percentage.  14-8 Picking Underdogs. 34-15-2 Picking Favorites. 11-5 Road Underdog.  3-3 Home Underdog.  12-8 Road Favorites.  22-7-2 Home Favorites.

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