Thursday, October 06, 2011

This Is How Shanny Wants It Done

Check it out! It’s Brendan Shanahan, the new NHL head disciplinarian, with a legal hits video that was sent to players around the league. There’s lots of old time hockey checks in this clip that are effective and won’t get you five, the gate and a suspension.

Do not expect Matt Cooke to make a cameo appearance in this flick, but you’ll likely have a lot more respect for his teammate Kris Letang after watching it.


Zebster said...

I dunno, Shanny. The first several were dance moves where it would've been safe and legal to hit a lot harder, and then the first example of a hard check, while not illegal, had the potential to be very dangerous. I applaud what they're trying to do; I just don't like the examples used.

Brent said...

I applaud Shanny for the explanations that he has given as legal hits and the reasoning behind the suspensions he has given out so far. The test is whether or not he continues this when the star of a team makes a bad hit.