Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Monday night wrap-up (open forum)

I've been busy reading and doing other real-world things today but I felt as though last night's World Series game 5 needed discussion, and to a lesser extent the Monday Night Football snoozer between the Ravens and the Jaguars.  I wasn't planning on watching the football game because of the World Series pivotal game being on but also because I expected the football game to be a snoozer.  It just turned out to be a different type of snoozer than I expected.  So I'll edit my comment from the previous blog regarding the Ravens' ability to beat the Packers.  Their defense is up to the task but their offense is not as improved as I thought it was.

I thought Game 5 of the World Series was very well played and exciting.  NAPOLI, NAPOLI, NAPOLI  I suppose some comment has to be made about the bizarre communication issue between the Cardinal dugout and bullpen.  I can't believe LaRussa would make up such a story to cover his ass but it's hard to believe no one knew until last night that it was possible that the bullpen could not hear the dugout on the phone in the bullpen.  I feel bad if that's what happened, despite the fact I'd like the Rangers to win this series.  The Rangers' bullpen has been excellent but their closer is a heart attack waiting to happen.  Quit walking people!
Finally, I guess it should be pointed out that the best manager in baseball outsmarted himself last night by getting runners thrown out attempting to steal (or was it botched hit-and-runs?) second base, effectively killing off two rallies.

Anything else about these two games you'd like to discuss?  Be my guest.

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dasnake said...

did anyone notice which texas team showed up last night, i sure did. and you don't see tony make mistakes like last night also. texas has to bring their "a" game to st. lou wednesday, because tony will pissed and the team will not/should not squander runs like last night, another thing i will never understand is why players make themselves look like suck dorks in front of millions like carpenter did last night, like i said earlier i don't have a dog in this fight, but actions like that sure make me pull for texas, and i can't be the only one.