Friday, October 21, 2011

College Football Predictions - Week 8

This week, we had a little problem with one of the additional two games.  The Thursday game between Arizona and UCLA was too early in the week for me.  So I picked the Georgia Tech vs. Miami game.  I feel invincible on 9 of these picks, so that means I will be around .500 with the way my luck is.

1)  #19 Auburn at #1 LSU (-21) - It doesn't matter that Auburn is in the Top 20.  LSU is far and away the better team on the field.  It will be reflected in the scoreboard.

2)  #4 Wisconsin (-6.5) at #15 Michigan State - Everybody is raving about the Spartan defense.  They are good, but the Wisconsin offense is better than Michigan's.  The Badgers should be about a 12 point favorite IMO.  That is why I'm taking the Badgers.

3)  #22 Washington (+19.5) at #7 Stanford - So far this season, the Cardinal has played the creampuffs of college football.  Washington should put up more of a fight and keep it close.

4)  Tennessee at #2 Alabama (-27.5) - Tennessee doesn't have an offense.  Alabama has an offense, defense, and special teams.  Bama is starting to get geared up for LSU and the Vols are another scrimmage for Nick Saban's team.

5)  USC at Notre Dame (-9) - Neither of these teams are as good as they were perceived in the preseason.  But Notre Dame is better then the Men of Troy.

6)  North Carolina at #8 Clemson (-9.5) - Clemson is starting to see the end of the schedule ahead and the whispers of an undefeated season are growing.  North Carolina isn't the football team of the past couple of seasons.  Look for the Tigers to continue the improbable.

7)  Texas Tech (+28) at #3 Oklahoma - There would be no way that I would pick a straight up upset here.  But that Red Raider offense will score enough to keep it within 4 TDs.

8)  #11 West Virginia (-14) at Syracuse - How can you pick a team that had to rely on Big East officiating crew to rescue them from Toledo?  The Mountaineer offense is showing signs of being off life support.

9)  Fresno State at Nevada (-8.5) - This is most probably for the WAC championship.  Pat Hill has the rep of playing anywhere and playing hard, but the teams over the past couple of years have fallen off.  Nevada hasn't fallen off that far.

10)  #6 Oklahoma State (-6.5) at Missouri - Vegas is impressed with Missouri taking Iowa State out behind the woodshed.  Not me.  I would take OK State and give 20 points.  The Cowboys roll.

The Additional Two

11) #12 Kansas State (-11.5) at Kansas - Anything can happen in a rivalry game.  However, the Wildcats are angry.  The thought that Kansas would leave them behind in conference realignment will cause the "little brother" from Manhatten to roll up the score and possibly have fried Jayhawk at halftime.

12)  Georgia Tech at Miami (-2.5) - I am picking Miami.  Tech has a date with Clemson coming up and I think the Yellow Jackets will overlook the Canes in the hype of ending Clemson's undefeated season.

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