Thursday, October 27, 2011

College Football Predictions - Week 9

1) No. 6 Clemson at Georgia Tech (+4.5) - I am going out onto a limb here and saying that the Yellow Jackets and their Triple Option will trip up the Tigers for the huge upset and ending any chance that an ACC team plays for the National Title

2) No. 11 Oklahoma (-13.5) at No. 10 Kansas State - While I applaud Kansas State for going undefeated so far, this should be the end of the road.  Oklahoma has better talent and is probably ready to play their best game of the year in response to losing last week.  

3) No. 9 Michigan State at No. 13 Nebraska (-3.5) - Sparty has been winning emotional football games for the past week.  This will be the stumbling block for their hard 4 game stretch.  Nebraska should be able to win and start preparing for their spot in the inaugural Big 10 Title game.

4) Baylor at No. 3 Oklahoma State (-15) - I am not in love with the Cowboy's defense, but RG III will have a few mistakes which should let OK State pull away for the win.

5) No. 4 Stanford  (-9.5) at No.20 USC - Stanford has more than Andrew Luck.  The offense is predicated on the running game which has devastated their opponents.  USC, while talented, isn't in the same class at the Cardinal.

6) No. 22 Georgia vs. Florida (+1) at Jacksonville, Fla. - The Largest Cocktail Party will be close, but let's continue the pattern of Florida winning these games.

7) Navy (+20) at Notre Dame - This is the hardest game to pick this week.  The Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde routine by Notre Dame has me all confused about which team we are going to see.  The Fighting Irish should win this game easily, but something is telling me that this game goes down to the wire.

8) No. 12 Wisconsin (-7.5) at Ohio State - Wisconsin is going to be the bully in this game.  Watch for Coach Bielema to score and score often.  The Badgers coming up short against the Buckeyes ends this year.

9) No. 25 West Virginia at Rutgers (+5.5) - Here are the Hokies that are consistant as water.  The offense starts and stops, while the defense has been a disappointment.  I am taking Rutgers and the shot in the dark.

10) No. 14 South Carolina at Tennessee (+3.5) - With Lattimore out for South Carolina, I don't think that the Ol' Ball Coach has the horses to win the rest of the games on South Carolina's schedule.  The losing starts with a sorry Tennessee team.

Additional Two

11) Rice at No. 18 Houston (-25.5) - Houston has the #1 ranked offense in the land.  Rice isn't in the Top 100 in overall defense.  So expect lots of points and lots of them early as well.  The points will come mostly from the Cougars.

12) Missouri at No. 16 Texas A&M (-15) - And another Texas A&M game.  Whatever I choose, do the opposite.  Texas A&M has confounded me all year long.

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