Friday, October 14, 2011

More College Football Realignment News

Big news.  Not just one or two teams are getting ready to move, but entire conferences are merging.

1.  The Mountain West and Conference-USA are merging into a 22 team league.  That is a whopper of a league and I am thinking that the number will go down when the poaching of teams stops by the Big East and possibly the Big XII.

2.  The Big East will extend invites to Navy, Air Force, Boise State and Central Florida to join the conference.  The first three would be Football only.  UCF would be a full fledged member.  There's 3 out of the 22 teams from the merger above that leave.  Navy gives up it's independence. 

3.  The Big XII and BYU could not work out a deal for the Cougars to join the conference.  BYU had 3 demands.  1) No Sunday events.  2) A certain number of dates on national TV.  3)  Any games not on national TV allowed to be aired on BYUtv.  Just who does BYU think it is?  Texas?

4.  The Big XII is also being pressured by Missouri and what that school will do.  Louisville and West Virginia have stated that they want out of the Big East.  Maybe it is time for the Big XII to get back to 12 members.  I don't like the conferences stretched out all along the country but that is where we are at right now.

5.  Something is going on in Chicago and I can't wait until it happens.  The league that started this whole ball of wax, the Big 10, has sat silently on the sidelines this year.  If I am hearing the rumor mill correctly from the talking heads and the reporters, the Big 10 has plans in motion but hasn't revealed them quite yet. 


tpubgu said...

Brent, what 'cha hearing about the Big 10?

Brent said...

I am hearing expansion of up to 4 other schools. Although I don't see how that happens right now.

Brent said...

Expanding on the comment I had earlier. The things that people are whispering about is definitely expansion of 2 if not 4 football schools. And where those teams come from is where I have a problem with the rumors.

On the expansion front, the Big 10 if they are using AAU criteria is going to raid the Big 12. Iowa State, Kansas, and Missouri are schools that have AAU accreditation. The other one is Rutgers.

One interesting fact, the only Big 10 school that is not AAU accredited is Nebraska. So, if AAU accreditation is the deciding factor, the Cornhuskers wouldn't be in the Big 10.

I have a feeling that the Big 10 is making a run at Notre Dame yet again. Why they continue to beat their head on that wall, I will never know. But I am thinking that Missouri is the Big 10 fourteenth team. That is they will be accepted into the Big 10 to add two schools along with Notre Dame. If the Fighting Irish do not come into the league, I don't see any expansion from the Big 10. The Big 12 is stabilizing and the Big East doesn't have many schools that the Big 10 wants.