Sunday, October 16, 2011

College Football Predictions Results - Week 7

A 9-3 record this week helps pull me out of the 2 week mini slump.  More big games in the future.  Hopefully I won't have Notre Dame or Texas A&M games to pick.  

WIN.  1)  #11 Michigan at #23 Michigan State (-3) - Michigan 14, Michigan State 28.  Denard Robinson can run the ball well.  The passing aspect of his game?  Needs lots of work.  The Spartans played like the better team today.

WIN.  2)  #6 Oklahoma State (-7.5) at #22 Texas - Oklahoma State 38, Texas 26.  The Cowboys are the better team and proved it today.  The Longhorns aren't a Top 25 team and get the benefit of the doubt because of their history.  OK vs. OK St. is the game I want to watch more than any this year.

LOSS.  3)  #18 Arizona State at #9 Oregon (-14.5) - Arizona State 27, Oregon 41.  Arizona state gave a good showing of themselves.  However, they lost and Lamichael James didn't play.  If this was the preview of the PAC-12 title game, then Oregon will yet again be in the BCS.

LOSS.  4)  #20 Baylor (+8.5) at #21 Texas A&M - Baylor 28, Texas A&M 55.  Figures.  I pick for A&M to cover and they blow big 2nd half leads, I pick against them and they pull away in the 2nd half.  RGIII is the only reason that Baylor is even thought of in the Top 25. 

WIN.  5)  #1 LSU (-13) at Tennessee - LSU 38, Tennessee 7.  LSU is still making the case that they are the best team in the nation.  However, the Crimson Tide can stop any thoughts of the SEC title for the Tigers. 

WIN.  6)  Florida at #24 Auburn (-2) - Florida 6, Auburn 17.  Think that Will Muschamp thought that this would be a little easier for him?  I know that Gator fans think that Florida would be undefeated right now if Urban Meyer is still there.

LOSS.  7)  #19 Virginia Tech at Wake Forest (+7) - Virginia Tech 38, Wake Forest 17.  I will have to re-evaluate the Hokies.  The offense is starting to show signs of life.  As for Wake Forest, they are still a nice little story out of the ACC that nobody talks about.

WIN.  8)  #8 Clemson (-7.5) at Maryland - Clemson 56, Maryland 45.  The defenses didn't show up for this contest.  Clemson remains undefeated and looks like they will be in the ACC Championship game.  As for Maryland, it seems like ages ago when they won their opener with the hideous uniforms.

WIN.  9)  #2 Alabama (-24.5) at Mississippi - Alabama 52, Mississippi 7.  Nick Saban is a real good football coach.  He can recruit talent and gets the most out of his players.  Doesn't mean that I have to root for a program that I don't particularly care for.

WIN.  10)  #15 South Carolina at Mississippi State (+5.5)  - South Carolina 14, Mississippi State 12.  I am not sold on the Gamecocks big time now.  Lattimer is hurt with a knee it looks like.  The Bulldogs could be a upper echelon team in another conference, but in the SEC, they are an also ran.

Additional Two

WIN.  11)  USC (-4) at California - USC 30, California 9.  Lane Kiffin has a reputation as a shady recruiter and a rogue coach.  He might be, but he is also a damn good coach.  And he has the Trojans playing well even when the players know that the regular season is the only games that they can have.

WIN.  12)  Indiana at #4 Wisconsin (-39) - Indiana 7, Wisconsin 59.  I was off by one point for the Wisconsin score.  It wasn't a 60-burger, but it was close.  The Badgers are by far and away the class of the B1G 10.

Week 7 Results:  9-3 Record.  1-2 Picking Underdogs.  8-1 Picking Favorites.  0-1 Road Underdog.  1-1 Home Underdog.  5-0 Road Favorites.  3-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  57-26-2 Record.  68.3 Win Percentage.  15-10 Picking Underdogs. 42-16-2 Picking Favorites. 11-6 Road Underdog.  4-4 Home Underdog.  17-8 Road Favorites.  25-8-2 Home Favorites. 

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