Thursday, October 27, 2011

College Football Predictions Results - Week 8

Well, I picked teams that were the favored ones.  Wisconsin, Notre Dame and West Virginia picks hurt when I was counting on them to pull me through to a big week.  

WIN  1)  #19 Auburn at #1 LSU (-21) - Auburn 10, LSU 45.  The hype is starting to build between LSU and Alabama.  Whoever loses that game should not be allowed to even come close for a rematch in the BCS Title game like people are putting out there.

LOSS  2)  #4 Wisconsin (-6.5) at #15 Michigan State - Wisconsin 31, Michigan State 37.  The Badgers looked like they would run away with this game, but the spartans battled back and won with fundamentally sound football.  I still think that Wisconsin is a better team, but they didn't prove it.

LOSS  3)  #22 Washington (+19.5) at #7 Stanford - Washington 21, Stanford 65.  The Cardinal look good.  I am waiting to see how they fare against the Ducks.  The Huskies looked like the pressure got to them.  However, Coach Starkesian has them going in the right direction.

WIN  4)  Tennessee at #2 Alabama (-27.5) - Tennessee 6, Alabama 37.  While Alabama has stayed on top of college football since Nick Saban has become coach, the Volunteers have fallen on hard times.  They used to be one of the top 3 teams in the SEC, now they might be in the middle of the pack.

LOSS 5)  USC at Notre Dame (-9) - USC 31, Notre Dame 17.  What a wacky world we live in when Lane Kiffin sounds like a voice of reason.  Who would have thought that he would tell his players to shut up about Notre Dame giving up during the game?  For Brian Kelly, it is another controversy that he and his team are embroiled in.  Two years at the helm and lots of controversy out of South Bend.  It might not look good long term for Coach Kelly.

WIN  6)  North Carolina at #8 Clemson (-9.5) - North Carolina 38, Clemson 59.  Clemson is rolling towards an undefeated season and might not even come close to playing in the BCS title game.  Tells you where people think the ACC is in relation to the SEC and other conferences.

WIN  7)  Texas Tech (+28) at #3 Oklahoma - Texas Tech 41, Oklahoma 38.  Give credit to the Red Raiders.  A 28 point underdog and they beat one of the Big Boys of college football.  That being said, Oklahoma can still win the Big XII, but the BCS title game is probably out of the question.

LOSS  8)  #11 West Virginia (-14) at Syracuse - West Virginia 23, Syracuse 49.  Um, can anybody tell me when the offensive guru will get the offense to click in Morgantown?  And if he can't, will he be able to shore up the defense?

LOSS  9)  Fresno State at Nevada (-8.5) - Fresno State 38, Nevada 45.  The Bulldogs showed up for this game.  Nevada stayed step for step with them and pulled it out in the end.  Both teams are moving to the Mountain West next year, so they might be competing with better teams for a conference crown.

WIN  10)  #6 Oklahoma State (-6.5) at Missouri - Oklahoma State 45, Missouri 24.  Well, Vegas is now trying to figure out why they supported the Tigers in bringing their A game to this contest.  The Cowboys are now in the driver's seat in the Big XII South.  I was right about picking the Cowboys at 20 points.

The Additional Two

WIN  11) #12 Kansas State (-11.5) at Kansas - Kansas State 59, Kansas 21.  The Wildcats are still undefeated, but the Oklahoma schools are next on the schedule.  K-State needs to pull the rabbits out of the hat for those games.  Kendall Gill sounds like he isn't going to have much more time as Jayhawks head coach, and that is a shame.  He is a good coach, but it is a what have you done for me lately business.

WIN  12)  Georgia Tech at Miami (-2.5) - Georgia Tech 3, Miami 24.  The Yellow Jackets overlooked the Canes because of the Clemson game coming up.  Coach Golden is having a rough year in Miami, but look at it this way.  He has went through a real bad situation and is proving that he can win.  Combine that with the recruiting chops he proved he had at Temple and he might bring the Canes back to national prominence.  

Week 8 Results:  7-5 Record.  1-1 Picking Underdogs.  6-4 Picking Favorites.  1-1 Road Underdog.  0-0 Home Underdog.  2-2 Road Favorites.  4-2 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  64-31-2 Record.  67.0 Win Percentage.  16-11 Picking Underdogs. 48-20-2 Picking Favorites. 12-7 Road Underdog.  4-4 Home Underdog.  19-10 Road Favorites.  29-10-2 Home Favorites. 

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