Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday wrap-up

So what do we know about this NFL season thus far
Are the Colts really that bad or conversely is Peyton Manning so integral that with him they're a borderline playoff team and arguably the worst team we've seen in a while without him?  It's hard to believe they could fall completely apart like that. 
We have learned Donovan McNabb is washed up.  If we didn't know it already, we learned it yesterday after watching a rookie QB in his first start, Christian Ponder, make the Vikings look more like the playoff team of a couple of years ago than the mess they've looked like early this year.
Who would you put on the list of teams that you think could beat the Packers?  I'll suggest the Saints, the Patriots, the Ravens.  Is that it?  The Giants' defense might be up to the task but you never know what you're going to get with that offense.  And I wouldn't bet any money on even those teams succeeding.
This is meant to be an open thread, so talk about anything you'd like, except for maybe Tim Tebow.  Are you hoping he fails, like I, just so we don't have to hear about him constantly?  I am impressed with the play of most of the young rookie and second-year quarterbacks.

Are we now looking at a seven-game World Series, after the Rangers won last night?  The series is tied at 2-2.  I think the Rangers need to win tonight before I can say it'll go seven games and obviously I feel the Rangers need to win tonight in order for them to have a realistic chance of winning the series.  A well-played game last night for the part and a superb pitching performance by Holland.

Do you want to talk about the Talledega race yesterday or the Chase for the Sprint Cup?  To me the two-car tandems are no different than the single-car drafting style of racing from the '70s and '80s.  It's pretty boring until you get down near the end and I'd rather have the 43 car pack racing back.  The pack racing was certainly dangerous but can anyone say it was more dangerous than having 21 cars driving at nearly 200mph completely blind?
With four races left we're assured of a new champion (to read anyone other than Jimmy Johnson) and to me that's a good thing.  I have nothing against Johnson or the 48 team but having that kind of dominance isn't good for the sport in my opinion.  Given who has a reasonable chance of winning this thing, I'd like to see Carl Edwards end up winning it.  When he didn't try to get to the front with 15 laps left, I felt it was a mistake.  Then with two cautions in there that reduced the number of racing laps he'd have to get to the front, you knew it was a mistake.  Finishing 10th was frankly lucky, though it could be argued, as I'm sure they would, that if they had started charging earlier, they could've been involved in those last two incidents.


Anonymous said...

The Colts are really this bad without Peyton Manning. I think Peyton covered up a lot of this team's flaws, and they were due for a fall this year anyway.

Still not watching the World Series.

I *may* watch the rest of the Chase. Brad Keselowski and Tony Stewart still have a chance and I'd be happy if either one of them won.

dasnake said...

two quick thinks between innings;

nascar has to rethink the splitter to spoiler change on the super speedways, daytona and talledega are not the same racing wise since their inception in the 60's, anything is open for discussion.

texas has to show the same team every game, we've had five games, i've seen two different teams show up, st. lou doesn't change very much because of tony.

Zebster said...

Yeah, I think that would work. Craven and Jarrett were saying today they thought now that the drivers have figured this tandem thing out, they'll adapt to any change and keep doing it but I think they should try.
Bottom of the 6th of Game 5: I thought Napoli hit that out when it came off the bat.

Brent said...

The Colts are about as bad as the Cardinals. The thing is that they didn't change the offense when Peyton went out and a QB in that type of system needs more than a few games.

I would submit the Eagles as a team that could beat the Packers if the defense pulls their heads out of their 4th point of contact.

For the chase, I would be happy if Keselowski or Stewart win the thing. Anybody else in the Top 6 right now and I walk away disgusted, especially if Uncle Carl wins the thing.

Chris Carpenter is showing his good sportsmanship yet again I see.

tpubgu said...

Yes, I think the Colts are that bad; yes, I think the Colts are purposely tanking it to draft Andrew Luck as the heir apparent to Manning; and, yes, I don't know if Luck would want to go to the Colts because a) if Manning does come back, I don't think he wants to wait around for him to retire; and b) he doesn't play defense.

Teams that can beat the Packers? Any one of them, and as a Packer fan/shareholder I'm being serious. Every team that plays the Packers, that's their Super Bowl, that's their shot at upsetting the Champs. And now with the Packers record and all the talk of going und@#$ted (can't say the word or else I'll jinx it), teams want to be the one to do it. Will they try; yes, they will. Will they do what the Colts did a couple of years ago; no, I don't believe they will.

My biggest fear is that the Packers tend to let teams hang around and have close games instead of going for the dagger. I've seen it too often. They'll start trying to run time off the clock, have a dropped pass, punt; and the opposition is back in the game with a little bit of hope. This is how I think they'll lose.

dasnake said...

i agree with the #48 not being the champ this year. i know chad is a really good chief, but it is like anything else, you get tired of seeing the same team win over and over and over, (ok, the yanks winning never gets old for me, but that's another story from another land). i think roush racing should a small minded side sunday, between what trevor says then roush's statements after the fact, i gotta go with bayne, remarks made just after the heat of battle. jeff was pissed to be sure. the talk from the top makes me wonder about jr. and jimmy, why would a boss overide two great drivers who are a known quantity. with four races left and no chance of catching th top five i think they blew it at dega.
wasn't that some of the classiest racing ever seen on sat night, hornaday coulda gone after wallace but showed great restraint for mike giving him the lead all race by giving him the win.

what does anyone know about the windshield fiasco, i can find out what the info is but i can't find out what caused the brouhaha.

there are some good points for suggestion in the tandem racing quandary, i think the nose and rear mods leave drivers open to mayhem which is worse than the pack racing that we have seen, there will always be crashes, but when you have forty three cars and twenty one and a half of those drivers can't see, that is an accident waiting to happen, restrictor plates and aerodynamic changes do not appear to be working.

one question, why the word jumble everytime you post, inquiring minds want to know.

Zebster said...

Snake, I didn't see the truck race. I don't even know what happened. Here's hoping they find a way to make the Daytona 500 interesting. The word jumble is an anti-SPAM device. It keeps the machines they use to put ads in blog comments from doing so. Small price to pay to keep the blog clean.
Brent, I completely missed the Carpenter incident and just heard vague reference to it. What did he do?

Brent said...

In the 6th inning, after Napoli flied out deep, Carpenter was facing him and said FU and called him a piece of excrement.

This from a guy who gets upset when batters "show him up" by trotting slowly around the bases, or say that the pitcher wasn't on his game.

Zebster said...

Wow, I was watching the game at that time. I didn't see it. Or did they come back and show that after the commercial break?
Makes John Lackey almost look acceptable.

Brent said...

That is the link on Youtube.

By the way, John Lackey is never acceptable. LOL

Zebster said...

Sheesh. No way can I make out what he said or that it was directed at Napoli but that the same shit that Lackey does.

dasnake said...

i didn't realize carpenter acted like such a dork, i have NO use for lackey because of that demeanor. lackey doesn't have the skill, and, that should make him keep his yap shut, chris throws good, but why yap at the mound, do your yapping with your ball. i remember one of my fave pitchers, bob gibson, before they lowered the mound he had an under two era, he wasn't loved either, but he didn't yap, he just hit you, or threw so hard you couldn't hit. then in '68 they decided to outdo him and lower the mound by seven inches, total baloney.