Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 4

Close this week, but not winning
Football is under siege on the pro level. It seems that people have finally said enough is enough when forgiving bad conduct by players when involves violence against their families. It is about time. And on the college level, it seems like Florida State is getting tires of the Infamous Jameis character. They have suspended the Heisman Trophy winner a half for shouting a vulgarity in the college cafeteria. What is this world coming to? Expecting athletes to act civil. The world is upside down right now.

This is the week I get over 50%. It has to be. Each and every week, I have improved on my winning percentage. There isn't much improvement that I can make and still get over half of my picks wrong. So, here we go.

#5 Auburn (-9) at #20 Kansas State - Auburn has that high powered fast paced offense that the Wildcats can sometimes slow down. I don't think that this edition of Kansas State football will do well against fast paced offenses.
Auburn 37, Kansas State 21

Florida at #3 Alabama (-15) - Florida is still nowhere near the team that they were under Urban Meyer. Will Muschamp might have been a vogue pick to run roughshod over the Swamp when he was named head coach, but the Gators get crushed by a Rolling Tide in this game (See what I did there?)
Florida 21, Alabama 41

#6 Texas A&M (-35) at SMU - SMU is in disarray. June Jones quit, the new head coach still believes that SMU can win the rest of their games, starting against A&M. And oh, by the way, the defense for the Mustangs are doing their best bull fighter imitations. Ole!
Texas A&M 61, SMU 13

Mississippi State at #8 LSU (-10) - I believe that LSU is the best team in the SEC. I also believe that LSU has the most complete team in the SEC. The Bulldogs aren't the most talented team in the SEC. I will give the points.
Mississippi State 20, LSU 38

#4 Oklahoma at West Virginia (+8) - I don't feel good with this pick. There is just a gut feeling that the Sooners will have a hard time against the Mountaineers. West Virginia can score points. I believe that it will be high scoring, but the Sooners win it at the end.
Oklahoma 41, West Virginia 36

#22 Clemson (+16) at #1 Florida State - I don't believe that Florida State is as good as everybody else does. Jameis Winston is sitting for the first half of the game. I am thinking that Clemson is winning at halftime and then the Seminoles come back and win in the 4th Quarter. Clemson will show some pride, unlike last year.
Clemson 21, Florida State 31

#2 Oregon (-24.5) at Washington State - This comes down to the athletic abilities of the respective teams. Oregon wins big on that score. I believe that it will also show up on the scoreboard.
Oregon 48, Washington State 17

#7 Baylor, #9 Notre Dame, and #10 Mississippi have Bye Weeks.

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