Sunday, September 07, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 2

The tale of this season looks like a Rocky movie. Let's go with Rocky 3. I get blitzed in the early parts of the movie, weeks 1 and 2. Work at improving during the middle of the season and then in the end overcome long odds and end on top. I am above the Mendoza line after this week. However, the win percentage is still embarrassing.

Thoughts outside the Top 10: The PAC-12 needs to suspend Pat Hayden for his actions on Saturday on the sidelines. The AD of a team should not come down and argue with on the field officials. UCLA is struggling against inferior opponents. Right now, I vote for Vanderbilt to be the worst team in FBS. Finally, lots of ranked teams scraped by the skin of their teeth last week, Nebraska and North Carolina just to name two. 

Florida Atlantic at #2 Alabama (-40) - I am worried about how the Bama offense is looking. There is something there that just isn't right. It isn't going to hurt them until they get into a dogfight which they will later in the season. Thank goodness that Bama covered this game.
Alabama 41, FAU 0. WIN

#4 Oklahoma at Tulsa (+25.5) - The Sooners were the better team by a large margin here. It is nice to see that they played up to most of the potential they have. It will be interesting to see if the team can keep the intensity up or if they will have their typical annual letdown for an inferior opponent.
Oklahoma 52, Tulsa 7. LOSS

#7 Michigan State (+12) at #3 Oregon - For about 2 1/2 Quarters, the Spartans were doing what needed to be done to win this thing. Then in a span of 5 minutes the Duck Attack went nuts and Oregon cruised to the victory. It was a bad week for the Big 10, but at least the Spartans can say that they lost to one of the best teams in the nation.  
Oregon 46, Michigan State 27. LOSS

San Jose State at #5 Auburn (-31.5) - I still think Auburn is a fraud that is perpetrated by the SEC and it's reputation. The fcts are though that if you don't have the athletic talent that Auburn flashes, you probably will not be able to beat them.
Auburn 59, San Jose State 13. WIN

Lamar at #9 Texas A&M
No Line at the current time
Texas A&M 73, Lamar 3

Citadel at #1 Florida State
No Line at the current time
Florida State 37, Citadel 12

Northwestern State at #10 Baylor
No Line at the current time
Baylor 70, Northwestern State 6

Virginia Tech at #8 Ohio State (-11) - This is the loss over the weekend that hurt the Big 10 the most. The Buckeyes going down in flames and not making the game vs. Virginia Tech a close one. After all the evidence from the past couple of years, I am ready to admit that the Big 10 isn't as good as the SEC. It hurts to say that, but watching Ohio State and saying that they are one of the 2 best teams in the Big 10 just makes it clear that there is work to be done in the conference. Right now, the Buckeyes would be a middle of the pack team in the SEC.
Virginia Tech 35, Ohio State 21. LOSS

#6 Georgia (Bye)

Week 2 Results:
2 Wins
3 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 40.0%
Home Record: 2-2-0
Road Record: 0-1-0
Favorites: 2-1-0
Underdogs: 0-2-0

Overall Results:
3 Wins
9 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 25.0%
Home Record: 3-6-0
Road Record: 0-3-0
Favorites: 2-5-0
Underdogs: 1-4-0

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