Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 3

Week 3 is done and I keep on improving on my winning percentage. If you ranked my winning percentage on NFL teams, I would be ahead of the Raiders and behind the Chargers. (Percentage based upon the past 5 years, sort of). I did win the game outside of the Top 10 ranked teams that I picked last week (Oh how I know those Hawkeyes).

Outside The Top 10 - Big, Bad Louisville was supposed to roll in the ACC. They fall at Virginia. East Carolina is a good little team. They showed that in Blacksburg. And finally, let's stop the talk of BYU running the table and if they might get into the playoff until the end of October, please. They still have almost 10 games left to play.

#8 Baylor at Buffalo (+35) - The Baylor Bears offensive system is a very good one for a college program. But if RG III is any indication, it is only a successful offense in college. With that being said, the scheme is letting Baylor rise to the Top of the Big 12.
Baylor 63, Buffalo 21. LOSS

Wyoming at #2 Oregon (-43.5) - The Ducks won, but had a slow start. There was a big talent difference in this game. The Ducks need to fix the slow starts or else it will come back and bite them in the tail feathers later in the season.
Wyoming 14, Oregon 48. LOSS

Iowa State (+11) at Iowa - The Hawkeyes seem to always play a close game against the inferior Cyclones. This one was no different and the Hawkeyes let another game in this rivalry get away. I am on the Fire Ferentz bandwagon.
Iowa State 20, Iowa 17. WIN

#6 Georgia (-6.5) at #24 South Carolina - The Bulldogs under Mark Richt have had big games before and failed. They did this one as well. It just looked like they thought that they could show up and win this game. The SEC is unpredictable for the most part this year.
Georgia 35, South Carolina 38. LOSS

Southern Mississippi (+48.5) at #3 Alabama - I am not a fan of this Crimson Tide team. The QB position is the achilles heel and it appears that there is no answer for it on this team. I can see the Tide losing two games during the SEC part of their schedule based upon what I have seen so far at the QB position.
Southern Miss 12, Alabama 52. WIN

Louisiana-Monroe at #10 LSU (-31) - Les Miles have the Bayou Bengals looking real good. I believe that LSU can win the SEC and make it into the inaugural college football playoff. Nothing during this game gave me pause for that prediction.
ULM 0, LSU 31. TIE

#9 USC (-17) at Boston College - I said that I was scared of this game, and my fears came true. USC looked like the University of Scared Children during the early stages and got beat. And the PAC-12 is supposed to be the second best conference in the land? I am not buying it.
USC 31, BC 37. LOSS

Tennessee at #4 Oklahoma (-21.5) - I am impressed with the Sooners this year. Now we get to see how they do against high powered offenses for much of the rest of the season.
Tennessee 10, Oklahoma 34. WIN

Rice at #7 Texas A&M (-32.5) - Texas A&M didn't need their offense in this one. I am not worried about it yet, but they need to be on a scoring pace of at least 40 points per game to do well later this season.
Rice 10, Texas A&M 38. LOSS

#1 Florida State and #5 Auburn have byes this week.

Week 3 Results:
3 Wins
5 Losses
1 Ties
Winning Percentage: 38.9%
Home Record: 2-3-1
Road Record: 1-2-0
Favorites: 1-4-1
Underdogs: 2-1-0

Overall Results:
6 Wins
14 Losses
1 Ties
Winning Percentage: 31.0%
Home Record: 5-9-1
Road Record: 1-5-0
Favorites: 3-9-1
Underdogs: 3-5-0

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