Monday, September 01, 2014

2014 College Football Picks Results - Week 1

Recalibration is required here. 1 win out of 7 is not acceptable. The SEC is appearing to be not so tough at the bottom. The Big 12 looked decent outside of Iowa State and the PAC-12 appears to be overrated with their close calls. Thank goodness I am not betting real money on these picks.

Quick Thoughts Outside The Top 10: Ole Miss is not a Top 20 team. Wisconsin is still trying to get over the Bret Bielema choking problem with expectations. The rebuild job in Washington for Chris Peterson appears to be a larger one than first expected. Finally, the Swamp really was a swamp with the monsoons that fell on the highly anticipated Vandals-Gators game that was not played.  

#21 Texas A&M at #9 South Carolina (-10.5) - Well, that didn't come out as I expected. Texas A&M decided that they would throw, throw, and throw some more. It looked like the Gamecocks couldn't figure out what to do. How are you supposed to be the pre-season pick to win the SEC East and give up a 50-burger the first game out. Looks like South Carolina was hyped a little bit to much.
Actual Score: Texas A&M 52, South Carolina 28. LOSS

#7 UCLA (-22) at Virginia - If the Bruins defense hadn't scored like it did, they would have lost to the lowly Cavaliers. Playing the way that they did, the Bruins look like a .500 team. They need to improve. Just like South Carolina, the Bruins came out with a dud. The difference, the Bruins played a real bad team.
Actual Score: UCLA 28, Virginia 20. LOSS

#5 Ohio State at Navy (+14) - This was a close game until the 3rd Quarter when the Buckeyes caught the Navy defensive backs cheating forward. The Navy offense sputtered the second half and Ohio State pulled away for the win. Nice win for the Buckeyes, but not as impressive as it needed to be to let their fans have a sigh of relief.
Ohio State 34, Navy 17. LOSS

West Virginia at #2 Alabama (-26) - I am still trying to figure out this game. It looked like the Crimson Tide decided to sleepwalk until the second half. I bet that the players at Alabama will come out for the next few games with fire in their eyes and play like championship contenders. For Crimson Tide fans: The problem is not Lane Kiffin. It was that the team looked like they could come out and they would already have 21 points on the board. As for West Virginia, they do have some playmakers, but you look at Dana Holgorsen and remember the way that he got the job. It seems like the Mountaineers power structure backed the wrong horse there because the Mountaineers have fallen off their semi-elite perch. 
Alabama 33, West Virginia 23. LOSS

Arkansas (+20) at #6 Auburn - Do Razorback fans wish that the administration would have swept Bobby Petrino's accident with his mistress under the rug now? I want Bielema to call up to Fargo, ND and get North Dakota State as an opponent on the schedule. Then the fall would be complete because after losing to an FCS school, maybe the administration would fire his underperforming ass and he might get a clue that he isn't hot shit. As for Auburn, if the luck they had last year is still in play this year, they might win 10, but they aren't a serious contender for a playoff spot.
Auburn 45, Arkansas 21. LOSS

Louisiana Tech at #4 Oklahoma (-38) - This is why I hate picking games with high point spreads. Oklahoma could have racked up lots more points, but put in non-starters to get them experience. The backups aren't as good as I thought they were. Oklahoma is good, but it seems like every year they stumble. I expect that to happen this year at some point.
Oklahoma 48, Louisiana Tech 16. LOSS

#1 Florida State at Oklahoma State (+18) - Finally, I was right on a game in Week 1. Florida State is lucky to get out of this game with a win. The Seminoles didn't look like they expected the Cowboys to fight back after getting down early. They had better get used to it. Each and every team on that schedule will play 60 minutes against the Seminoles. Why? Even if you are down by 40 points, getting a score against the defending National Champions is a bright spot in your season. They had better get used to it, or they could find themselves upset rather soon. Oklahoma State is a good team, and will get you into a second tier bowl game this year. That is it. I see them with 2 or 3 losses in the Big 12.
Florida State 37, Oklahoma State 31. WIN

South Dakota at #3 Oregon - There is no line at the current time for this game.
South Dakota 6, Oregon 72
Actual Score: Oregon 62, South Dakota 13

SMU at #10 Baylor - There is no line at the current time for this game.
SMU 14, Baylor 56
Actual Score: Baylor 45, SMU 0


The Huntress said...

This is like the college pick'em version of getting Danica'd. Ouch.

Zebster said...

I miss the old Big East, when I cared a little bit about college FB. Good luck going forward.

Brent said...

I got the Bison treatment. Unprepared and went down in a blaze of flames. And no, there was not any glory in the flames either.