Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Slightly Different Take on Ray Rice's Suspension

I won't be surprised if Ray Rice's current indefinite suspension is overturned. Whatever injustices there are in the less than a slap on the wrist he received from the judicial system is not the point. You have to remember that Roger Goodell initially suspended Rice for two games and $500k. After all the howling of how lenient he had been, Goodell then issued his proclamation that in the future, a first strike offender will receive a six-game suspension; and for a second-time offense, a life-time ban.

Then on Monday, the second video is released by TMZ, which by this time Ray Rice had technically served over half of that punishment; and as everyone knows Goodell then levies the indefinite ban on Rice. My point is that Ray Rice has now received the two-game suspension, skipped the six-game suspension, and was escalated and quite possibly has the ultimate punishment the NFL can impose on him without any additional offenses.

I'm not coming to the defense of Ray Rice for what he did was truly despicable and heinous. What I'm surprised is why Ray Rice hasn't gone to the NFL Players Association and filed a grievance for this escalated punishment and fairness. Why has Greg Hardy, DE of the Carolina Panthers, who was found guilty of domestic violence in July of this year, been allowed to continue to play and has yet to be punished by the NFL. Why has Ray MacDonald, DE of the 49ers, been allowed to continue to play while his domestic violence case, which occurred last month, is being adjudicated?  (I'm sure the NFLPA is just hoping he doesn't.)  What separates Rice from the other two? Is it because Hardy is appealing his conviction and MacDonald has yet to be adjudicated or is it "The Video." Frankly, I don't see how an arbitrator could rule in favor of the NFL, and I think Goodell still wins if that happens. He gets to say how he has gotten tough on domestic violence, but the evil arbitrator ruled against him and not because the punishment was arbitrary, capricious, and unfair.

This is not to say that Ray Rice will ever play in the NFL again. I doubt it but maybe. (Just look at Michael Vick.) Rice is a 27-year old running back with a lot of miles on him and now this. For the 5-year contract Rice signed in 2012, the Baltimore Ravens have already paid him $25 million. ( If he gets his suspension overruled, he might sign for less with another team. But then again, who would sign him because he's probably already persona non grata.


The Huntress said...

It's very possible Ray Rice could be employed by another team, but high-mileage backs with baggage are never in high demand unless they're future Hall of Famers. Which Ray Rice isn't.

It doesn't matter to me. I've become an ex-NFL fan and I'll find something else to watch on Sundays.

Zebster said...

It could be that the NFLPA wants no part of defending this or it could be that Rice and his wife decided that fighting this will bring even more public scrutiny, something they obviously don't want.
Now that most of the focus has turned on Goodell, I hope people remember that this is about domestic violence not bringing down the mighty Goodell. Nice write, Rick.

Shel said...

It saddens me that our world, as technologically advanced as we are we still don't seem to know how to handle persons who abuse.

If a large entity like the NFL doesn't know the right thing to do how will others know. It's all about taking a stand and changing attitudes.

I think sending an email to the team to let them know of your boycott iOS something to consider. Let's clog their email and put down their server.

Go for it... start a movement! Power in the people!

Brent said...

It is starting to seem that for most people it isn't about domestic violence though. It is trying to take down the NFL a peg or two for most. Otherwise, they would be up in arms about Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald.

But there is no national public outrage that one has been convicted by a judge and is still playing and that the owner of the team that McDonald plays for has said that they are going to wait for the legal system to do it's thing before the team worries about punishing him.

How's that for getting tough on domestic violence? (sarcasm)

Below is the link that describes what Hardy did according to the police report and what he is convicted of. Seems like he did a little bit more than what Ray Rice did.

Anonymous said...

First let me say I have not read anyone else's response. I have been very silent on this and several times posted and erased- my story is known by less than 3 people in my life. My children and my husband are not included in this. I post this here because I feel safe and not judged.
I grew up in a small town, without a father. I went to college and met my first serious relationship. I was alone and was completely obsessed about this man, but what I didn't realize was this man was controlling, and methodically eliminated any relationships that I had. Once after an argument when we were both intoxicated he twisted my arm enough to break it. I did not know at the time it was broken but 2 days later went to the emergency room and the Dr asked how did this happen and I lied and said I fell and the Dr looked at me and said you did not fall this is a defensive wound and if someone is abusing you I will help you. I was embarrassed and continued to lie. Of course I did not have the help of my boyfriend he was too much of a coward to come to the Drs. I protected him and also protected myself. This was the first time- was it an accident? was it because we were intoxicated? Soon after that we decided that we would no longer be boyfriend and girlfriend. I had my own room in a 3 bedroom apartment that we shared with another person. I put a dead bolt on my bedroom door. One night in the middle of the night this guy broke through the door and raped me and beat me and almost killed me. I had black and blue marks around my neck where he tried to suffocate me and welts on my head where he had pounded my head against the wall. With in hours I had thrown my personal effects from the second floor window had a girlfriend pick me up and left. He still effected me by euthanizing the puppy we owned together and finding out where I lived and stalking me. Many years later after no contact and I was married after the birth of my first child my first call in my room was from him. I never pressed charges never thought I should, I felt that I had moved on and was fortunate that I survived. When I Look at Ray Rice- I do not see an domestic abuser, I see a jerk, who hit a female that makes him a coward. A domestic abuser is controlling, does not admit or will not accept responsibility. I believe TMZ would have at this point found someone else if he had done this before. This guy made such a heightened wrong decision in 30 seconds, he should be thankful that the blow did not kill this girl. This girl was intoxicated and she clearly was antagonizing her boyfriend - did she deserve to be cold cocked- absolutely not! But does she deserve this, does he deserve this? I think we are better off really trying to prevent abuse and letting young females know that there is a safe house in our society to protect them if abuse occurs. I do not believe this one incident makes Ray Rice a domestic abuser and I do not believe Ray Rice's wife is a victim of domestic abuse based on the video. Maybe they can recreate them selves on behalf of domestic abuse and hopefully Ray Rice can rehabilitate his anger so that he will not have to relive another 30 seconds of his life under a microscope. No one really wants to look at the undercurrent of our society and what makes some men feel that women are possessions that are not equal with them, and as women we realize we are not men's possession's but are equals.
So maybe the NFL got this right in a weird way but Ray and Jamal need to accept the fact that they are now the bearers of light on domestic abuse even though they may not really be the perfect case of domestic abuse. I really wish someone could really put pictures of true domestic abuse and stories of domestic abuse and then 30 seconds in an elevator might put things into perspective -----unfortunately.