Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 4

Another week, another losing week. I picked 3 out of 7 games correctly using the point spread.  A 42.9% Win percentage for this week. That is disappointing to me. I just shows that if you don't spend hours upon hours of studying each team and conference, that playing the betting game might not be for you. It clearly isn't for me. I would have lost lots of money this past month.

Conference Thoughts:
ACC - Florida State is the only hope for this conference to make the playoff. If they are losing to the Big 10 and East Carolina, the conference isn't strong at all.
Big 10 - Wisconsin and Michigan State still have a chance. Michigan is a terrible mess.
Big 12 - It is Oklahoma and the weak sisters. Maybe Texas should have went to the PAC-12.
PAC 12 - If the conference is a clear #2, as for being the toughest, it says that college football is weak.
SEC - The toughest conference. However, the East is weak. It is the West that might determine if they are a clear favorite in the playoff.

#5 Auburn (-9) at #20 Kansas State - The end result was very lucky for Auburn. Kansas State shot both of their legs off with the mistakes they had deep in Auburn's end. There is the Auburn stealing signs thing, but you tip your hat to the Tigers if they can do that. The Big 12 had a win here but it slipped away.
Auburn 20, Kansas State 13. LOSS

Florida at #3 Alabama (-15) - Florida has gone back to the team that they were before Urban Meyer became the Head Coach. A team that can beat the dregs of the conference and might surprise one of the big dogs, but is not a threat to win the conference. Bama is just Bama. Every year they are a threat to go undefeated.
Florida 21, Alabama 42. WIN

#6 Texas A&M (-35) at SMU - After an off week, the Aggies rolled again over hapless SMU. The Mustangs have never recovered from the Death Penalty imposed on them. There are a few other programs that need that penalty but the NCAA will never do that.
Texas A&M 58, SMU 6. WIN

Mississippi State at #8 LSU (-10) - The upset of the week. The Bulldogs came into the Bayou and took the game to LSU. Now the Western division is up in the air and the SEC is hoping that either Bama or Auburn can go undefeated through the regular season. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the conference won't be in the playoffs.
Mississippi State 34, LSU 29. LOSS

#4 Oklahoma at West Virginia (+8) - My gut was right, the Sooners had a hard time against the Mountaineers. It wasn't enough though. I am wondering if West Virginia has ever heard of a defensive game plan. The Sooners are the Big 12 hope for entrance into the National playoffs. I don't like that, knowing the recent history of Oklahoma and expectations.
Oklahoma 45, West Virginia 33. LOSS

#22 Clemson (+16) at #1 Florida State - Florida State tried to give the game away. Clemson is overrated. Jameis Winston just does not get that he cannot act privileged, even though he is. Florida State is wearing down getting everybody's best directed at them. I don't think they get out of the regular season without a loss. It should have been this game.
Clemson 17, Florida State 23 OT. WIN

#2 Oregon (-24.5) at Washington State - The Oregon offensive line was nicked up and the offense played like it. Mike Leach had his boys play hard and almost came away with a huge upset victory. Unfortunately, the defense on the same team as a hurry up offense usually becomes tired and worn out as the game progresses. That is what happened to the Cougars here.
Oregon 38, Washington State 31. LOSS

#7 Baylor, #9 Notre Dame, and #10 Mississippi have Bye Weeks.

Week 3 Results:
3 Wins
4 Losses
0 Ties
Winning Percentage: 42.9%
Home Record: 1-2-0
Road Record: 2-2-0
Favorites: 2-3-0
Underdogs: 1-1-0

Overall Results:
9 Wins
18 Losses
1 Ties
Winning Percentage: 33.9%
Home Record: 6-11-1
Road Record: 3-7-0
Favorites: 5-12-1
Underdogs: 4-6-0

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