Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who was the better team?

This is an unexpected tone for this blog post.  RJ was even more certain than I that his Raiders stood no chance against my Patriots today.  So I agreed to the rare point spread blog challenge.  I can tell you that even if we didn't agree to the point spread, I'd still feel the need to post as the loser of our bet.
Given the level of expectations and talent, the Vegas spread of 14 points should have easily been overcome by the Patriots.  Well honestly, the Raiders played up to and above their talent level, and the Patriots did not.  The Patriots were luck to survive this game as the winner, say nothing about covering the spread.
I really have nothing positive to say about my Patriots and unfortunately this is becoming a theme of reality...they're not as good as anyone expected.  On a brighter note, I bought a new bottle of Macallan 12 year old single malt and enjoyed it with Blair.  This was the most enjoyable part of my early Saturday afternoon.
Hail to the Raiders.


The Huntress said...

Hail to the Raiders? Um... what?

I watched a couple of episodes of Arrow to honor my NFL boycott, so I have no idea how close this game was. To be honest, I thought the spread should have been 18 points -- and the Patriots should have covered that as well.

Now we get on with bigger blog challenges. Aren't the Bruins and Leafs playing each other soon?

Brent said...

Those hockey blog post challenges will have Zeb crowing each and every week. Everybody knows that the Maple Leafs aren't as good as the Bruins.