Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Week 1 Pick 'Em Results

I promise not to defile this blog site with discussion or news about that team from the City of Washington, DC, but since I'm a "homer" born and raised in DC (thus "DC Homer"), you're gonna have to listen to a smidge of my grousing.  So, for me, Week 1 was a total disaster, but not totally unexpected.  RGIII ain't it; and if the Houston game is any indication, The Team, and our rookie coach, are facing a pretty typically horrible season.   Here's my summary of the game:
  - "...and Griffin throws it away..."
  - "...and Griffin is sacked!"
  - "...and Griffin throws it away..."
  - "...and the point after touchdown is....BLOCKED!!"
  - "...Morris runs up the middle to the 30, the 20, the 10, the...FUMBLE!"
  - "...and the punt is BLOCKED....picked up for a score!"
  - "...and Griffin is sacked!"
  - "...and Griffin throws it away..."
(...sigh...at least we ain't Dallas!)
I'm officially on the Curt Cousins bandwagon!!!!

Here are the Week 1 results of our Pick 'Em Challenge:

1.  Overall winner:  Jim Randall with 12 wins.  Jim wins in the tie breaker (48 pts) with Ellery (56 pts).

2.  Results:

JIM:  12 wins (75%)
ELLERY: 12 wins (75%)
BLAIR:  11 wins (69%)
ZEB:  10 wins (63%)
AARON:  10 wins (63%)
GEORGE:  9 wins (56%)
RICK:  9 wins (56%)
BRENT:  9 wins (56%)
MIKE:  9 wins (56%)
TOM:  7 wins (44%)
ROBBIE:  5 wins (31%)

3.  Overall group performance:  103 correct picks (59%)


The Huntress said...

I should stick with NASCAR. LOL!

Zebster said...

I always look forward to your update posts and laugh my ass off. Sorry to laugh at your pain but it is funny.
And RJ, thank goodness there's no penalty for being beat by a girl, huh?

Brent said...

Thank goodness there are no penalties in the NFL picks.