Monday, October 18, 2010

A few questions

Not that we think Texas will win the ALCS against the Yankees, but do they have any chance at all if they don't win tonight with their ace, Cliff Lee, on the bump?  If they do win tonight, what chance do you give them to win the series?  Do you still feel it's the Phillies championship to lose?
Early NHL season:  Who's the best team you've seen so far this season?  Is their a surprise team so far, either positive or negative?
Did I misunderstand something late in Saturday night's Nascar race or did Jimmy Johnson, with no new tires, outrun Kyle Busch with two new tires, Busch who'd been the dominant car to that point in the race?  What the hell's going on with the 9 car?
The radio and TV experts keep coming up with stats regarding how many times an NFL team that's started 1-3 and 1-4 have made the playoffs, which is all well and good regarding the Cowboys; but the stat I'd like to have added to that is:  Has it ever happened that a team has started 1-4 and made the playoffs with so many teams in their conference starting 4-1 or 4-2 AND when one division is going to be won by a .500 team?  Sorry Cowboy fans, I thought you were done before the loss this weekend.


Brent said...

I believe that the Rangers are going to win the series even if the Yanks win Game 3. I don't think that the Yankees pitching can hold the line.

Best 2 NHL teams early: Washington and Los Angeles
Surprise: Toronto Maple Leafs. 4-0?! How does that happen?

The Cowpokes are done for this year and an entirely new coaching staff will descend on Dallas next year.

R.J. said...

The best team in the NHL? No doubt about it. Go Leafs Go! The only reason why we lost tonight is because the refs screwed us out of two goals and called a phantom penalty in OT that sealed our fate.

Is it still baseball season? The Padres are no longer playing, so I haven't paid attention to the playoffs.

Get a fork and stick it in the Cowboys. They're done.