Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 6: NFL Picks Results

New Orleans (-4) at Tampa Bay.  31-6.  Win.  Saints starting to look like 2009.

Miami (+3) at Green Bay.  23-20.  Win.  Packers injuries could derail this season.

Baltimore (+1) at New England.  20-23.  Loss.  Ravens go 2-1 in road games at Patriots, Jets, and Steelers.

Atlanta (+1) at Philadelphia.  17-31.  Loss.  Kevin Kolb is making Andy Reid look prophetic with his stats.

San Diego at St. Louis (+9).  17-20.  Win.  The Bell is tolling for thee, Norv Turner.  

Seattle at Chicago (-7).  23-20.  Loss.  Figures, the Seahawks actually look like a team on the road when they are big underdogs. 

Kansas City at Houston (-4.5).  31-35.  Loss.  Texans defense needs to start showing up.

Detroit (+12) at NY Giants.  20-28.  Win.  I told you that the Lions were a decent football team.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-15).  10-28.  Win.  Colt McCoy looked good.  I have a feeling that James Harrison will get suspended before too long because of helmet-to helmet contact.

Oakland at San Francisco (-7).  9-17.  Win.  Finally, the 49ers get a win.  Shouldn't have been this close.

NY Jets (-3) at Denver.  24-20.  Win.  I am starting to see the Broncos gel in the weak AFC West.

Dallas (E) at Minnesota.  21-24.  Loss.  Ugh.  This game sucked.  The calls went the Vikings way.

Indianapolis (-3) at Washington.  27-24.  Tie.  The Colts are vulnerable this year.  This game proved that again.

Tennessee (-2.5) at Jacksonville.  30-3.  Win.  It just looked like the Titans wanted it more.

Week 6 Results:

Overall:  8-5-1  Win Pct:  60.7%  Favorites:  5-3-1.  Road Favorites:  3-0-1.  
Home Favorites:  2-3.  Underdogs:  3-2.  Road Underdogs:  2-2  Home Underdogs:  1-0.

Overall Record:  50-38-2.  Winning Percentage:  56.7%  Favorites:  32-32-2.  Road Favorites:  21-9-2.  Home Favorites:  11-23.  Underdogs:  18-6.  Road Underdogs:  7-5.  Home Underdogs:  11-1.   


Zebster said...

That's still some pretty stout picking, Brent. Sorry my Pats couldn't oblige.

Brent said...

I think I have a couple of teams figured out finally. That and now I think I'm going to board the Purple and Gold Viking train for a couple of weeks. They are starting to make rumblings up here.