Friday, October 15, 2010

NFL Picks Week 6

New Orleans (-4) at Tampa Bay.  I still believe that the Bucs are a year away from contention.

Miami (+3) at Green Bay.  Take the Phins with Rodgers coming back from a concussion and looking ahead to Minnesota next week.

Baltimore (+1) at New England.  Baltimore is one of the 2 best teams in the AFC.  New England isn't.

Atlanta (+1) at Philadelphia.  Vick's revenge game marred by him not starting.

San Diego at St. Louis (+9).  Rams are better than they have been for the past 3 years.

Seattle at Chicago (-7).  Bears defense looks like they are getting back to Monsters of the Midway moniker.

Kansas City at Houston (-4.5).  Inadequate pash rush in this game isn't much of a factor for Texans defense in this game.

Detroit (+12) at NY Giants.  Giants have been playing well, but so have the Lions.

Cleveland at Pittsburgh (-15).  Colt McCoy flapping his gums doesn't speak well for the Browns chances.

Oakland at San Francisco (-7).  Do you go with the annually bad team or the one that has been finding ways to lose this year?

NY Jets (-3) at Denver.  Jets are the best team in AFC currently.  They will win here.

Dallas (E) at Minnesota.  Until Farve proves that he wants to be in the game, I will pick against the purple.

Indianapolis (-3) at Washington.  Peyton Manning needs to put this team on his back.

Tennessee (-2.5) at Jacksonville.  Titans go as far as Vince Young will take them.  He will take them to the victory in this game.


Zebster said...

The Baltimore/New England game this weekend is a classic Coach B. statement game. I know the Ravens are strong where the Pats aren't (along the lines) but I expect the Pats, who are underrated, to win this one.

Zebster said...

Hey Brent (clearing throat and pointing to the above post)

Brent said...

Who knew that Deion Branch would resurrect his career in his 1st game as a Patriot yet again?