Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Week 4: NFL Picks Results

San Francisco at Atlanta (-7.5):  14-16.  Loss.  Atlanta seems up and down week to week.

Cincinnati at Cleveland (+3):  20-23.  Win.  Will either head coach be around these teams next year?

Carolina at New Orleans (-15):  14-16.  Loss.  Um, would the real Saints show up anytime soon, please.

Seattle at St. Louis (E):  3-20.  Win.  Rams are in 1st place.  What a messed up NFL season so far.

NY Jets (-5) at Buffalo:  38-14.  Win.  The first selection of the NFL draft to the Buffalo Bills is...

Detroit (+16) at Green Bay:  26-28.  Win.  Detroit plays St. Louis next week.  Maybe a win?

Baltimore (E) at Pittsburgh:  17-14.  Win.  Flacco still doesn't impress me.

Denver at Tennessee (-7):  26-20.  Loss.  Is Vince Young a good enough QB to be a starter?

Houston (-3) at Oakland:  31-24.  Win.  Texans 3-1, lead the rugged AFC South.

Indianapolis (-8.5) at Jacksonville:  28-31.  Loss.  Colts defense cannot stop the run.

Arizona at San Diego (-9):  10-41.  Win.  Now this is what I expected from the Chargers.

Washington at Philadelphia (-7):  12-17.  Loss.  2 wildly inconsistent teams in the NFC East.

Chicago (+4) at NY Giants:  3-17.  Loss.  Ugly game from the Bears offense.  9 sacks of Cutler?  Mike Martz is the coordinator, isn't he.

New England at Miami (E):  41-14.  Loss.  Pats win games in blowouts.

Week 4 Breakdown:  Record:  7-7.  Favorites:  5-6.  Road Favorites:  3-1.  Home Favorites:  2-5.  Underdogs:  2-1.  Home Underdogs:  1-0.  Road Underdogs:  1-1.

Overall Record:  36-25-1.  Winning Percentage:  58.9%  Favorites:  22-22-1.  Road Favorites:  16-6-1.  Home Favorites:  6-16.  Underdogs:  14-3.  Road Underdogs:  4-2.  Home Underdogs:  10-1. 

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