Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's a ridiculous and pointless debate

Apparently on the NFL Network they're having a countdown of the 100 greatest NFL players of all time.  I know the NFL still has some sensitivity to the fact that its sport does not and never will have that love of stats and history that baseball does, and it's ridiculous to try to create it in this way with a very phony and frankly illogical list like this.  There just aren't enough things in common from position to position to be able to fairly and accurately rate players against each other, say nothing about the fact that the game has changed so much over the years that even comparing Tom Brady to Johnny Unitas is futile but at least it's not completely illogical. 
The NFL is the most popular game in the country right now but the league just won't be satisfied with that; they want to prop it up as the National Pastime.  Sorry, NFL, you can't have everything.
This particular video has the talking heads discussing whether Peyton Manning deserves to be in the top 10 all time.
The NFL also has a thing against embedded videos and putting the list up on their site.  Why can't the list at least as far as it's been disclosed on TV be up on the site?


R.J. said...

Without watching the video I'd vote "NO" on Peyton Manning. As for the greatest player of all time, Sammy Baugh and Jim Brown have to be in the top three. Baugh was a great quarterback, punter and safety. Brown was simply the best running back ever.

Brent said...

The NFL 100 is more of a popularity contest of those that had the ability to participate.