Thursday, October 28, 2010

Results Of NFL Picks: Week 7

Cleveland at New Orleans (-14.5):  30-17.  Loss.  How does Drew Brees throw 4 INT to the Browns, including a pair of pick-6s?

Philadelphia (+2.5) at Tennessee:  19-37.  Loss.  Kolb crashed and who in the world thought that Kenny friggin' Britt would become a world beater in this game?

Buffalo (+14.5) at Baltimore:  34-37 OT  Win.  Ryan Fitzpatrick is looking good for the Bills.  And the Ravens defense had a bad game.

Washington at Chicago (-2.5):  17-14.  Loss.  Jay Cutler needs to meet Dr. Sigmund Freud.  Mike Martz needs to figure out how to keep his QBs upright.

Pittsburgh (-3) at Miami:  23-22.  Loss.  Dolphins had this game stolen from them.  Phins are an underrated team by most people.

St Louis at Tampa Bay (-1.5):  17-18.  Loss.  Both offenses were ugly in this game.  Raheem Morris is talking way out there smack.  The Bucs aren't the best team in the NFC.

Cincinnati at Atlanta (-3):  32-39.  Win.  Roddy White had over 200 yards receiving.  Matt Ryan had 299 yards passing.  Guess what the major hookup was.

San Francisco at Carolina (+2.5):  20-23.  Win.  A lost season for the 49ers.  Most intrigue is who will the Panthers bring in as their new head coach.

Jacksonville at Kansas City (NL):  20-42.  Win.  The Chiefs have bought into Todd Haley's vision for the team.

Arizona (+7) at Seattle:  10-22.  Loss.  Ken Whisenhunt needs to find a QB.  That is the big thing holding back the Cards.

Oakland at Denver (-9):  59-14.  Loss.  This is what I said:  I think they are gelling and will take the Raiders out behind the woodshed.  Oops, I said the wrong team getting taken out behind the woodshed.

New England (+1) at San Diego:  23-20.  Win.  If I were a Pats fan, I would be nervous about all the close wins and the fine line that they are walking right now.

Minnesota at Green Bay (-1):  24-28.  Win.  All I have heard this week is the crying coming from Vikings fans.  Buck up, the better team won here.

NY Giants (+3) at Dallas:  41-35.  Win.  The Giants shook off the INTs from Eli to come back and destroy the Cowboys.

Week 7 Results:

Overall:  7-7  Win Pct:  50.0%  Favorites:  3-5.  Road Favorites:  0-1.  Home Favorites:  3-4.  Underdogs:  4-2.  Road Underdogs:  3-2  Home Underdogs:  1-0.

Overall Record:  55-45-2.  Winning Percentage:  53.9%  Favorites:  35-37-2.  Road Favorites:  21-10-2.  Home Favorites:  14-27.  Underdogs:  22-8.  Road Underdogs:  10-7.  Home Underdogs:  12-1.   

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R.J. said...

I was going to say the Broncos wouldn't cover the spread but I had no idea it was going to be like that.