Monday, October 25, 2010

I Took A Sucker Bet Against The Maine Black Bears

As the old saying goes, Pride Goes Before The Fall.  My pride in the Fighting Sioux made me to make a bet with Zeb about the weekend's games between the #2 Fighting Sioux and the #11 Maine Black Bears.
Well, needless to say the Black Bears are a very good team and are deadly at home, but I figured that the Sioux could pull through this past weekend.  Well, it looks like North Dakota needs to go back to the drawing board when going onto the ice at another highly ranked place.

October 22nd - Maine came out and dominated the Sioux by scoring 5 goals in the 1st period en route to a 7-2 win.  Of course having 6 Power Plays in the 1st Period doesn't hurt when trying to get out to an early lead.   Then the Black Bears played good defensive hockey and rode the 5-1 lead after one to a victory.

October 23rd - If you talked to Fighting Sioux fans, you would get something like we played two games where we might not have played our best and maybe Maine would have won both, but the officiating was horrible.  I can see that argument.  In Game 2 of the weekend, North Dakota was called for 4 consecutive penalties twice.  The Black Bears scored 2 Power Play goals and won the game 4-2.  The Black Bears had 9 Power Plays compared to 4 for the Sioux.

Overall, the Black Bears after going winless when visiting Michigan State came back home and won two big home games.  They could lead to a great season or might not mean much because of Boston U and BC games coming up on their schedule rather quickly.  We will see if Maine can keep the momentum going.


Zebster said...

Kudos, Brent, that's very gracious. I was busy Friday night but did watch Sat. Hard to know how good they are given a tie and loss at MSU and a tie with UConn. Perhaps the UND games are a better gauge, we'll see. Been a few years since they've been ranked this high preseason. As always, in Hockey East you'll have to get by BC, BU and the last several years UNH. See my stat commented on my prevent defense post.
Is the UND football team as bad as Maine?

Brent said...

The UND football team is transitioning into Division I, so they still have members of the team that were Division II recruits. They are starting to improve and should start to become a team that could defeat the Minnesota Golden Gophers.

tpubgu said...

Wisconsin v NDakota November 12 & 13. Wisconsin's not as strong this year and is/was ranked #14.

Zebster said...

Rick, are you challenging Brent?
I heard Maine hockey is up to #7 in the recent poll. Where's NDU?
Maine's FB team was always Div I-AA, occasionally a playoff team at that level. That program will never be any bigger than that, which is fine.

Brent said...

Heck, If the Badgers do pull 3 points out of their home series against the Sioux, I will write a nice piece on Badgers hockey.