Friday, October 29, 2010

What I Like About The Boston Bruins

Bruins LogoDisclaimer: I am a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan and this post is my punishment for the Bruins 2-0 victory over the Leafs. It could be a lot worse. If Zeb were still here in the San Diego area then I would probably have a picture of me wearing a Bruins jersey plastered all over the Internet. – R.J.

Where do I begin? There are a number of nice things I could say about the Boston Bruins. Here’s a list:

TRADITION: They are one of the Original Six teams, meaning they and the Leafs will continue their heated rivalry well past the time Zeb and I check out of here. Like the Detroit Red Wings and the Montreal Canadiens, the Bruins jerseys have had very few changes in the past forty years. A Bobby Orr jersey from yesteryear would not look out of place next to a Zdeno Chara jersey.

MILT SCHMIDT: I was shocked that his jersey number wasn’t retired before Ray Bourque’s but better late than never. It was a nice, simple pregame ceremony and I enjoyed it.

TYLER SEGUIN: I don’t think Brian Burke made a mistake trading for Phil Kessel because the Leafs needed a top three forward to rebuild the team around but if that other first round pick we gave the Bruins turns out as good as Tyler Seguin then this trade is a lopsided win for the Bruins. Kind of like how a lot of Leafs-Bruins games have been in the Garden the past few seasons.

KATHRYN TAPPEN & MIKE MILBURY: I affectionately call them Beauty and the Beast and whenever I get the NESN feed for the Leafs-Bruins I look forward to their intermission show. They don’t have the drama of RSN’s Crazy Uncle Nick (aka Nick Kypreos) but they spend almost the entire period talking puck with a live shot of the TD Garden as the background. How could you not love that?


Brent said...


I didn't know that you loved the Bruins like you do. That was beautifully written.

Zebster said...

I know, Brent, I'm almost sobbing here. You notice he didn't mention he loves Jack Edwards though. LOL
That was a very nice ceremony, especially Uncle Milty saying the "spoked B" was like his family crest and he wouldn't have it any other way. RJ, they retired #15 a long time ago but back before they tradition of the player raising the retired number. So they "re-retired" it last night.
Thanks RJ, that was classy and well done. Brent, who's your team?

Brent said...

My allegiance transfered along with the team when the Whalers became the Hurricanes.

Zebster said...

That's right, I did know that. I hate the 'canes. Nov 26, consider yourself challenged.

Brent said...

Fine. I'll take the challenge on November 26th. And I will always remember that the Bruins haven't touched the Cup since 1971-72.

And the great thing is that I have touched the sacred grail called the Stanley Cup. It was a big thrill for me, and something that I will cherish til I die.

Zebster said...

The B's won again tonight, 4 zip over Ottawa, and guess who scored again, RJ?