Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little ambience? Maybe some trash talk?

I'll bring up the trash talk first.  Go Maine Black Bear hockey; way to push around those Fighting Sioux this weekend.  (I'm sure this will come back to bite me)  But I bring up the trash talk just because it would be fun leading up to some of our challenge matchups.
Coming up we have my Portland Pirates against Jim's Norfolk Admirals in an AHL doubleheader this weekend, a matchup of first and second place teams in their respective divisions.  Thursday night RJ's Toronto Maple Leafs travel to Boston to get the snot knocked out of them by my big bad Bruins.  It looks like Rick is betting that his Wisconsin Badgers will make Brent's Fighting Sioux look bad again later next month.  Then we have my Patriots against Rick's Packers coming up late in the season.  So this is the place to trash talk about those matchups.  Any other challenges?
Next, I just want to mention to anyone who doesn't know about it that we have a little daily trivia game you can find linked on the left side bar but I'll link it here as well, BoSox Tavern Daily Trivia.  Trash talk is allowed regarding that as well.
Anybody care about the World Series which starts tomorrow; planning on watching it; care to make a prediction?  It's an interesting matchup between the Giants' great pitching and timely hitting against the Rangers' excellent offense and emerging young pitching.  So I think it comes down to whether the Giants hit better than the Rangers pitch.  Going against conventional wisdom but also because Texas beat 2 of the 3 best teams in baseball to get here, I'll take the Rangers in 6.
Finally, the ambience part.  Since this is a pub, the occasional music and food posts are allowed here and I've had this little gem stuck in my head since I started hearing it as part of a new Volkswagen commercial.

UPDATE:  I know it's just the first game of the season but obviously the Celtics could care less that Miami has been ordained as the best team in the east.  Celtics-88 Heat-80


R.J. said...

I'm glad the Heat lost to the Celtics. Miami is my new least favorite team in the NBA next to the Lakers.

And what's this about losing to the Bruins? Hey, how's the view from third place? :-)

Brent said...

I'm in agreement with R.J. The Heat have made it into my Top 3 least favorite teams right next to the Celtics and Lakers.