Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL Picks Week 8

Carolina at St. Louis (-3):  The Rams are better than the Panthers so far this year.

Jacksonville (+7) at Dallas:  The Kitna experiment in Dallas scares me.

Buffalo (+9) at Kansas City:  KC overlooks Buffalo in a real tight game.

Denver (E) at San Francisco (played in London):  Does Mike Singletary keep his job after this game?

Miami at Cincinnati (E):  The Bungles are underachieving, but I expect some fight out of them here.

Washington at Detroit (-1.5):  Imagine after Week 8 that the Lions could possibly have the same record as the Vikings.  That is a big morale booster for the Motor City Kitties.

Green Bay at NY Jets (-6):  Packers injuries are too much to overcome with the Jets playing the way that they are.

Tennessee (+3) at San Diego:  Special Teams and turnover woes will haunt the Chargers here.

Tampa Bay (+3) at Arizona:  The Bucs could already have 5 wins if they beat the Cards.  A surprise playoff team?

Seattle (+1) at Oakland:  I think that the euphoria of the thrashing of Denver will end with a close loss to the Seahawks.

Minnesota at New England (+5.5):  If Farve plays, the Patriots will cruise to victory.  If T-Jack plays, it will be real close.

Pittsburgh (E) at New Orleans:  Pittsburgh is the best team in the NFL currently.  The Saints aren't playing well.

Houston (+7) at Indianapolis:  Look for a sweep by the Texans over their arch nemisis in the AFC South.

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R.J. said...

I think the Raiders will lose this weekend. Louis Murphy is out and they have a history on taking it easy against non-AFC West opponents. I really think they're looking one week ahead to the game against the Chiefs.