Sunday, October 24, 2010

I hate the prevent defense (and other observations)

I hate the prevent defense...absolutely detest it.  The Patriots are up by 17 points with about 11 minutes to go in the game.  Playing tight defense all game, giving up a few first downs here and there but repeatedly stopping San Diego on 3rd and 5s when it mattered, had resulted in a game where they'd only given up a few points.  Yes, San Diego self destructed a few times but they also offensively hadn't really gotten into a rhythm.   Then all of a sudden they go into a prevent, allowing San Diego to march down the field in about 2 minutes and a half dozen plays.  And, you guessed it, they found their rhythm on offense.  Then with a successful onside kick recovery, they have the ball again.  But then -- yes, you guessed it again -- the Pats going into another soft prevent defense and San Diego marches down the feel with quick, relative ease.
So the Pats get the ball back with just a 3 point lead and about 4 minutes to go in the game.  They get to mid field, where San Diego stops them.  It's right at the two-minute warning.  Are you even thinking about going for it on 4th and 1?  Well, the Pats did and the Chargers stuffed it for a loss.  San Diego gets the ball back with about 1:50 on the clock.  Luckily for the Pats their defense stiffened a bit, an offside penalty on San Diego and a missed 50 yard field goal gives them a win they tried very hard to give away.  Bill's worst coached game in a long time.

On a brighter note:  How about that Maine Black Bear hockey team, #11 in the country coming into the weekend home two game series against #2 North Dakota, where they promptly dominated them 7-3 and   4-2.

I had planned to write about how pissed I am at my driver Kasey Kahne but watching the Patriots game detoured my focus.  Suffice to say I'm probably looking for a new favorite driver after that pussy stunt last weekend.  AJ has looked good in the 43 and that'll always be the car I follow but it's not the same thing as a favorite driver.


R.J. said...

I was reading up on Kasey Kahne and the rumor is that RPM may close shop as soon as tomorrow. The Gilletts are running out of money and had to sell their share in the Liverpool soccer team because of their debts. Based on that I'd give Kahne a pass. Underfunded teams never do well in NA$CAR.

How 'bout them Raiders? :-)

Brent said...

To hell with the whiner. Kahne has never lived up to his hype and will not do any better at Red Bull next year. Maybe when he gets to Hendrick, he might be able to beat Jr.

The Black Bears are a home team so far this year. Wins at home and cannot win on the road. Let's see what they do at BC and BU coming up.

Zebster said...

Speaking of whining LOL
Brent, you had to be impressed with Maine's speed and always great goaltending. Here's a stat for you: Maine has made 11 Frozen Fours but only won Hockey East 5 times, which shows you the strength of Hockey East.
I would disagree that Kasey hasn't lived up to his potential. I think he's done quite well in the equipment he's had, though he needs to be more aggressive at times and he's awful on restarts.