Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sorry, Mr. Commissioner

I said before the MLB playoffs started that the Phillies were the best team and that, because I'm a Red Sox fan, I want the best team in each match-up (other than the Yankees) to advance, so that the Yankees had the most difficult road to winning the World Series as possible.  So when the Yankees swept the Twins easily and then the Rays got upset by the Rangers, I'm sitting here thinking "Well, there's still the Phillies."
As things sit currently with the Yankees down 3 games to 1, I care much less about who wins the NLCS.  Good for the fans of San Francisco.  But can you imagine the thoughts of Bud Selig and the rest of the MLB and TV network brass right now?  "We're looking at a World Series between the Giants and the Rangers, and not the Yankees vs Phillies?!"
I personally find it much more enjoyable watching a World Series without the Yankees in it.  I don't care who wins and I just get to enjoy the baseball.  Now here's hoping the Yankees don't pull it out of their ass.


Brent said...

This year, the playoffs haven't excited me one bit. Maybe I'm burned out on baseball, but I could care less who wins the World Series besides the Yankees.

R.J. said...

Honest I stopped paying attention to baseball once the Padres were eliminated. I had no idea the Yankees got smoked the other night as bad as they did.

Zebster said...

There have been some very good games, last night's Giants/Phils game being one example.