Monday, November 28, 2011

2011 Grey Cup

Travis Lulay
The following is a guest blog by DaSnake, who's been kind enough to let us in on what's going on north of the border.  Hopefully you will appreciate this guest blog on a topic that we wouldn't be talking about but are certainly interested in.  Thanks DaSnake.

The B.C. Lions won the 99th Grey Cup yesterday, 34-23, over Winnipeg. The last times they won the cup was 1994 against the Baltimore Stallions.  (also 2000 and 2006)  How did a U.S. team play in a Canadian final?  Well the CFL was hurting for money in the early 90's and allowed some American teams to play in the Canadian league.
The Lions QB Travis Lulay won the Canadian Most Valuable Player and tonight won the Grey Cup MVP. The game started out good for the Lions but seemed to slow going into the second half.  Whether it was jitters or just a need of coaching to come into the locker room and give a talk to the team, it seemed to work because the Lions came into the second half and never looked back.
It again got interesting in the fourth quarter with a dropped interception and then a dropped pass that was reviewed by the zebras.  With the Bruce pass being viewed as a reception, the nails in the coffin seemed in place.
This was a great game.  The fervor was not over rode by the Occupy Vancouver baloney; and the half billion dollar stadium rebuild took a backseat to the main show, the game.  The only so-called sensation was the scuffle between former QB Joe Kapp and former defensive player Angelo Mosca.  I don't have to mention this because if you go to Youtube, you can see for yourself.  Good game, good people and a great final. Congrats Lions.


Zebster said...

Congrats on your team winning, Snake. I had forgotten about US teams playing in the CFL and I remember Baltimore. What other US teams were there and what happened to them?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have seen the Grey Cup. Whenever NFL Network shows the CFL on Saturday afternoon I usually tune in.

Zebster said...

I couldn't have watched it because I was at a concert (see All Things Zebster) but it probably was on here because here in this part of Maine anyway we have CBC on TWC.

dasnake said...

thanks to zeb for his aid, being a newby to this i forgot a few other things, the joe kapp, angelo mosca beatdown stemmed from an incident in the 1963 grey cup where mosca put a hit on our great running back willie fleming, i was there and the anger created from that incident never ended.
joe kapp never forgot what mosca did, and took our lions to the win in the 1964 grey cup, willie played a great game in that one, scoring a td and gaining good yardage, but he was never the same after that '63 game. you might think that would put and end to it but as you could see it festered for all these years.
the lions also won the cup in 1985, i worked with one of the players who won that game and the stories were great.
as for the american connection,i will put the teams down in their order;
sacremento gold miners;1993
baltimore stallions;1994
las vegas posse;1994
shreveport pirates;1994
birmingham barracudas;1994
memphis mad dogs;1995;

the gold miners went texas and changed their name to the san antonio texans in 1995, that same year there was a southern division started and baltimore won the grey cup. the league pretty much folded after this and baltimore went to montreal to become the third incarnation of the alouettes, i hope this fills in some spaces.