Thursday, November 03, 2011

College Football Prediction Results - Week 9

 An ugly week for my picks.  I don't like picking Notre Dame or Texas A&M games.  I also thought that a couple of teams would rebound better than they did.  All of that combined for my 1st losing week of the season.

WIN  1) No. 6 Clemson at Georgia Tech (+4.5) - Clemson 17, Georgia Tech 31.  Another undefeated team bites the dust.  The Tigers finally lost.  It was about time.  Although the Tigers will still be in the ACC Title game and possible BCS Bowl game, they aren't what anybody would call dominant.

WIN  2) No. 11 Oklahoma (-13.5) at No. 10 Kansas State - Oklahoma 58, Kansas State 17.  This battle of the unbeatens ended in a rout.  The Sooners are eying the Bedlam game against Oklahoma State and a possible chance at the BCS Championship game.  

WIN  3) No. 9 Michigan State at No. 13 Nebraska (-3.5) - Michigan State 10, Nebraska 17.  The Cornhuskers only have one more thing to do to be a participant in the inaugural Big 10 title game.  That is to beat Iowa.  That shouldn't be difficult. 

WIN  4) Baylor at No. 3 Oklahoma State (-15) - Baylor 24, Oklahoma State 59.  Mike Gundy has the Cowboys firing on all cylinders.  They need to stay focused on Kansas State, not look forward to Oklahoma.  They are the dark horse to make the BCS Championship game.  The reason?  Everybody is still doubting the Cowboys and the talent of the team.

LOSS  5) No. 4 Stanford  (-9.5) at No.20 USC - Stanford 56, USC 48 (OT).  USC took their shot and had Stanford on the ropes.  However, the Cardinal came back and pulled out the win.  It does make me hesitant about seeing Stanford beat Oregon for the PAC-12 North title.

LOSS  6) No. 22 Georgia vs. Florida (+1) at Jacksonville, Fla. - Georgia 24, Florida 20.  The Largest Cocktail Party was close, and it just shows how far the Gators have fallen from the heights they were at just a few short years ago.

LOSS  7) Navy (+20) at Notre Dame - Navy 14, Notre Dame 56.  I told you that this was the hardest game for me to pick this week.  The two teams I can't get an accurate read on this year are Notre Dame and Texas A&M. 

LOSS  8) No. 12 Wisconsin (-7.5) at Ohio State - Wisconsin 29, Ohio State 33.  What is up with the Badgers?  They have the best talent in the Big 10.  Bret Bielema is a real good coach.  Maybe the expectations were just too much for them to handle this year.  But to lose to Ohio State in the fashion that they did, it's gotta hurt the Drunk Sconies bad.

LOSS  9) No. 25 West Virginia at Rutgers (+5.5) - West Virginia 41, Rutgers 31.  The Hokies defense was still disappointing, but the offense kept on firing throughout the game and pulled out a 10 point win from a 3 point deficit going into the 4th Quarter.

LOSS  10) No. 14 South Carolina at Tennessee (+3.5) - South Carolina 14, Tennessee 3.  This was an ugly game.  A total of 238 yards passing was earned this game.  South Carolina won with rushing the ball 53 times.  The Vols are starting to look like Vanderbilt.

Additional Two

WIN  11) Rice at No. 18 Houston (-25.5) - Rice 34, Houston 73.  The Big East is trying to get Houston into their conference.  The better fit would be in the Big XII.  The Cougars throw the ball around, but the defense need work.  It looks like they might go undefeated.

LOSS  12) Missouri at No. 16 Texas A&M (-15) - Missouri 38, Texas A&M 31 (OT).  The Aggies are hot and cold.  The bad thing is that you can't predict which one they are before they hit the field.  Oh well, this is the last game between these two in the Big XII.  The next time they meet will be in the SEC. 

Week 8 Results:  5-7 Record.  1-4 Picking Underdogs.  4-3 Picking Favorites.  0-1 Road Underdog.  1-3 Home Underdog.  1-2 Road Favorites.  3-1 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  69-38-2 Record.  64.2 Win Percentage.  17-15 Picking Underdogs. 52-23-2 Picking Favorites. 12-8 Road Underdog.  5-7 Home Underdog.  20-12 Road Favorites.  32-11-2 Home Favorites. 


Zebster said...

You're having another good season picking, Brent. I like the added touch of using the colors.

Brent said...

Thanks. I like the colors as well. However, the picks have been going South since I started using them.