Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Basketball for you

When asked, I proudly tell people I'm a Celtics fan.  I'm starting to wonder if I am being honest with them or myself. 

I certainly was a fan during the JoJo White/Dave Cowens days.  No doubt that continued during the Larry Bird era.  I've blocked out what Wikipedia refers to as "tragedy and decline '93-'98," and was excited when the "big three" joined the team for the 2007-2008.  I watched a few regular season games, followed the season in the newspaper and on the web and then thoroughly enjoyed the playoffs.  I watched fewer games last year, only glanced at the standings during the season and didn't cry when we were eliminated from the playoffs.

So, now basketball isn't happening - except our pickup games at the park - and I'm honestly not missing it.  Is it the players, the NBA or is it me? 

Maybe there's just too much stuff going on - the McRib is back, for example.


Zebster said...

Bwahaha on the McRib comment. I do need to get out and have one...been a long time. I too, John, just "kept track" during the Reggie Lewis/tragedy years, and I do pay more attention when the Celts are doing very well. B-ball though is like my 5th fav sport and I've only been to a handful of NBA games in my life (one of them in Orlando by the way). So no, I don't miss it, except that if you adhere to the thought that the Celts might have one more shot at another title, no season means that's not going to happen.

Brent said...

Basketball hasn't been one of my favorite sports for over a decade now. I do keep on checking on it and was thrilled when the Mavs won last year, but as for watching a regular season game? I would rather watch the Sound of Music for 24 hours straight. As you can tell, I don't miss it.

As for the McRib, oh yes, it is good!

Anonymous said...

Even though I grew up a Spurs fan the only thing I miss about the NBA is the chance to see former SDSU standout Kawhi Leonard in his rookie season.

At least I've got more time for hockey and regular TV this season. I can wait a year.