Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real College Football

College football should be limited to Army/Navy, Harvard/Yale and Williams/Amherst, places where the rivalries are historically second to none and where football is not the reason for being a student at these institutions.  Go to a game where the players are not on scholarship and I dare you that you can't tell the difference in the desire level.  To hell with arguing about the bowl system versus a playoff; I say take all of Division I football, take it out of the colleges and make a professional minor league.
I know I won't be making any friends with this post but this is basically a New Englander's attitude regarding college football, especially in light of yet another scandal; this one probably the worst of them, particularly when you consider it's happening at a program considered historically clean.  I guess because I come from New England, where college football has always been a different thing than it's evolved into in other parts of the country is why I would much rather watch professional football or student athletes playing football at some small college.
I know none of this will ever happen given how popular college football is in this country and how much money it makes for all the schools involved but as long as an amateur sport is played for profit, bad people will take advantage and bad things will continue to happen.

UPDATE:  This fantastic (the correct words don't exist) guest editorial just showed up tonight on the Washington Post.  I strongly encourage everyone to read it.  It's one of the best/worst things I've read in quite sometime.  Here's the opening paragraph...that should be enough to grab you.
I’m 31, an Iraq war veteran, a Penn State graduate, a Catholic, a native of State College, acquaintance of Jerry Sandusky’s, and a product of his Second Mile foundation.

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That is a great guest editorial.