Thursday, November 10, 2011

What We Should Be Focusing On In Happy Valley

Instead of focusing on the hypocrisy of the Leadership at Penn State and how those people could actually think that they were right, we are mostly forgetting what we should be focusing on.  The health and welfare of the boys that were (allegedly) abused.  My rants on this situation about Joe Paterno and the University of Penn State can wait for another day.  My thoughts and prayers are with the families and the people that were abused by a coach on the Penn State staff.  I hope that sometime in the very near future, they can find peace within themselves about what has happened.


Anonymous said...

I think we should also say a prayer for those "students" who are rioting over JoPa losing his job tonight. It's messed up when today's kids value college athletics over the welfare of all those kids who were abused.

Brent said...

In my late teens, I might have been one of those "students". After having my son, there is no way that I would even think about doing something stupid like that.

It doesn't matter that JoPa did what he was required to do under the law, he didn't use his power and authority to stop the abuse of children when brought to him by others. He will always be a person that hurt children in my book because he wasn't enough of a leader or a moral man to stop it.

dasnake said...

this is wrong on so many fronts, anyone who has knowledge of any affront to any child/person has a personal duty to report anything to the proper authority. i don't care who/what you are, what your position, how it could affect you, your responsibilty is to the children who are involved, all of the people crying about a football coach, should see life through the eyes of an abused child. the people feeling sorry for a school head should have their heads examined,this man of all people is supposed to be a trust for young people, and he failed that in a big way, as for sandusky, i cannot print what i think should happen to him, zeb would have my butt canned from here.