Thursday, November 24, 2011

College Football Predicitions - Week 13

It's rivalry week and the games this year seem to have extra importance to them.  Be it the end of rivalries, division titles or possible national championship implications, these games seem to be vying for attention by the public.

1)  #3 Arkansas (+14) at #1 LSU - This is the big game of what they term rivalry week.  LSU is going to win but the Razorbacks keep it within a touchdown.

2)  #20 Penn State at #15 Wisconsin (-16) - Wisconsin has the chance to win the first Leaders division title at home.  Otherwise, it is Penn State with the title.  I expect the most talented team in the Big 10 to show up and destroy the Nittany Lions.

3)  #18 Clemson (+3) at #14 South Carolina - Another overrated SEC team is in this game.  Clemson isn't anything special from the ACC, but they should win this game against a wounded Soutch Carolina team.

4)  Ohio State at #17 Michigan (-7.5) - Would anyone be shocked if the Wolverines laid an egg in this game?  Me neither.  But I am expecting Brady Hoke to wake up the ghosts of Wolverines past and throttle the rudderless Buckeyes.

5)  #22 Notre Dame at #4 Stanford (-6.5) - Stanford needs to back up their crying about their BCS ranking being too low with a near perfect game against Notre Dame.  I think that they do.

6)  #2 Alabama at Auburn (+21.5) - Auburn isn't in the same class as Alabama this year.  However, I expect that Tiger pride to keep it within 3 Touchdowns.  I would love to see the upset in this game though.  WAR EAGLE!

7)  UCLA at #10 USC (-15.5) - Can somebody tell me how in the world UCLA is in the driver's seat to represent the PAC-12 South in the title game?  That is just embarrassing.  If UCLA does make it to the PAC-12 title game and loses, they will be 6-7 and not eligible to go bowling.  Lane kiffin and the Trojans end their year winning the Battle of LA.

8)  Texas at Texas A&M (-6.5) - This rivalry is on ice until at least 2019 with A&M going to the SEC.  The Aggies have many complaints against Texas on the football field and as an institution.  They better get all those frustrations out during this game.  Aggies big.

9)  #8 Houston at Tulsa (+3) - Tulsa has lost 3 games.  The teams that they have lost to?  Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Boise State.  Better than any of the teams that Houston has played.  Give me the Golden hurricane and the upset of one of the last 2 undefeated teams here.

10)  Pittsburgh (+8) at West Virginia - The game that might determine the Big East champion and these two teams can't wait to get out of the conference.  Given the way that the Big East has played out this year, I am taking the underdog to continue to cause havoc. 

Additional Two

11)  Iowa (+9.5) at Nebraska - I am showing my loyalty here.  The Huskers should win and win big, but something tells me that Ferentz has something up his sleeve to pull out a victory for the Hawkeyes here.

12)  East Carolina (+2.5) at Marshall - I picked this game just because.  Look for the Pirates to squeak out a victory here.

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