Wednesday, November 09, 2011

College Football Predictions Results - Week 10

Well, the foam helmet didn't work.  Maybe next week I will wear the Bison jacket.  You know the #1 team in the country in the Football Championship Subdivision.  A .500 record is not good enough.  However, i am doing better against the spread against College Football Talk.  Their record against the spread is 69-47-2.

WIN  1) No. 1 LSU (+6) at No. 2 Alabama - LSU 9, Alabama 6.  For the Game of the Century, it sucked golf balls.  All that was shown in this game is that both teams have very good defenses and the quarterbacks for each of these team are adequate at best.  As for those people out there that want a rematch in the BCS title game, watch this game again and tell me that you want this yet again.  I guarantee that a rematch would be the same way and both teams would look worse. 

WIN  2) No. 10 South Carolina at No. 8 Arkansas (-5) - South Carolina 28, Arkansas 44.  Arkansas still has their fate in their own hands as far as winning the SEC.  I don't think that they will, but they have been better than I thought they were.  As for South Carolina, Florida could knock them out of the SEC East race on Saturday.

LOSS  3) No. 17 Kansas State at No. 3 Oklahoma State (-21) - Kansas State 45, Oklahoma State 52.  While Oklahoma State stayed undefeated, you have to worry about their defense giving up all of those points.  Kansas State, while losing those games to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State has had a better season than anybody expected.

LOSS  4) Texas A&M (+13.5) at No. 7 Oklahoma - Texas A&M 25, Oklahoma 41.  Oklahoma still has a shot at the BCS championship game.  They need for about 4 teams to lose, but they are on the doorstep.  Beating Oklahoma State in the Bedlam game would really help that cause.

WIN  5) No. 6 Oregon (-15) at Washington - Oregon 34, Washington 17.  The Ducks are in the same boat as the Sooners.  They have a team ahead of them in the standings that they play and if they win, which would help their case of being a 1 loss team in the BCS title game.  Beating Stanford would also have Oregon in the PAC-12 title game against Arizona State or UCLA.  Oregon is better than those two teams any day of the week.  So the Stanford-Oregon game is basically for the PAC-12 BCS berth. 

WIN  6) No. 23 Cincinnati (-2.5) at Pittsburgh - Cincinnati 26, Pittsburgh 23.  The example of the weakness of the Big East is Cincinnati.  The Bearcats are undefeated in conference play.  If the Bearcats win the Big East, the Big East is really in need of better teams.

LOSS  7) Texas Tech (+10) at Texas - Texas Tech 20, Texas 52.  Maybe this will be the game that Texas decides to get up for each and every year since A&M won't be on the schedule anymore.  If that is the case, then the Red Raiders need to get the intensity up for the Longhorns, because it didn't show in this game.

LOSS  8) No. 4 Stanford at Oregon State (+20.5) - Stanford 38, Oregon State 13.  The game was close until the Beavers self-destructed in the second half.  The Cardinal have their biggest test this year on Saturday.  Playing the Ducks is never easy and both teams are looking for more than just the PAC-12 title.

LOSS  9) Notre Dame (-13.5) at Wake Forest - Notre Dame 24, Wake Forest 17.  I hate picking Notre Dame games and I don't like the Golden Domers personally.  How is it that they look like world beaters one week and play down to the competition the next?  This is the Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde team of college football.

LOSS  10) Army at Air Force (-15) - Army 14, Air Force 24.  It still pains me that the Golden Knights aren't as good as their service academy brethren.  The Falcons won the Commander's Cup with this win and my congratulations go out to them.  Enjoy it and rub Navy's face in it.

Additional Two

WIN  11) Louisville (+12.5) at No. 24 West Virginia - Louisville 38, West Virginia 35.  Bill Stewart was run out of West Virginia because his teams would lose 3 or 4 games a year.  Well, he is gone and the trend has continued, at least for this year.  And the hopes for the Mountaineers were large in the preseason.  The Big East championship and possibly running the table.  Expectations came up short.

WIN  12) Purdue at No. 19 Wisconsin (-26.5) - Purdue 17, Wisconsin 62.  The Badgers still have a chance to be in the Big 10 championship game.  Purdue not so much after this game.

Week 10 Results:  6-6 Record.  2-3 Picking Underdogs.  4-3 Picking Favorites.  2-2 Road Underdog.  0-1 Home Underdog.  2-1 Road Favorites.  2-2 Home Favorites.

Season Results:  75-44-2 Record.  62.8 Win Percentage.  19-18 Picking Underdogs. 56-26-2 Picking Favorites. 14-10 Road Underdog.  5-8 Home Underdog.  22-13 Road Favorites.  34-13-2 Home Favorites. 

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