Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Great Year For North Dakota Collegiate Football

Introducing the 3 Football teams in the State of North Dakota that are in the national football polls of their respective divisions.

This is the logo of the Valley City State Vikings.  Currently they are 9-1 in the NAIA.  They are ranked #12 in the nation.  The NAIA playoff pairings are announced on Sunday.  It looks like the Vikings will make the playoffs as an independent with the Dakota Athletic Conference not recognized as a conference since the conference went from 8 teams to 4 last year.

The current logo of the Fighting Sioux of the University of North Dakota.  They are ranked #22 in the current FCS polls that were released on Sunday.  They are 6-3 this year so far, but 2 out of the 3 losses came at the hands of Idaho and Fresno State who are BCS schools.  They still have their fate in their own hands about winning the Great West title.  Not bad for a school who is still transitioning into Division I.

Last, but definately not least, we have the North Dakota State Bison.  Currently they are 9-0 on the season.  They are also ranked #1 in the nation for the FCS division.  The Bison have gone on the road and rolled the Minnesota Golden Gophers and won a showdown with then #3 Northern Iowa 27-19.  The closest game that they have played was a 9-3 victory over Southern Illinois.  1 win out of their last 2 games will give them a share of the Missouri Valley Conference title, which the Bison haven't won before. 

We here in North Dakota are proud of what our local schools are accomplishing.  And yes, I should get to a game or three each year, but this year has been nuts for me.  If the Vikings do get a game at home, I will be there.  If the Bison get a home game, I will try to get tickets.  However, the Bison are selling out at over 20,000+ people attending each game.  And if I do go, I will post about it.


Zebster said...

Absolutely you'd better post about it. :) I'm surprised you didn't comment on my post about the Maine Black Bears, currently top 10 in the CSA (I can't get this straight. To me their still still 1AA). Can you tell me what the FSA and CSA stand for and mean?
Great post about the little guys.

Brent said...

To be honest, I don't know what FSA and CSA would stand for. The Black Bears are in the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association) in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

Zebster said...

I think you ended up answering it anyway -- FCS. So does that encompass all of what used to be DivIAA?

Brent said...

Yep. All schools that can fill the crowds of over a certain amount are Division I, but they divide it into two groups, the big time and the smaller. The ACC and Big East are FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) and the smaller schools are FCS.

Zebster said...

Brent, one of your teams, NDSU, and my Maine Black Bears have made the playoffs. Unfortunately, with Maine losing to UNH yesterday, they won't be hosting a game, though they are getting a bye. So I won't be going to App St. LOL Hopefully you'll be able to go to a game. Good luck. The brackets at the NCAA site are still last year's, so I can't tell if we could play each or not.