Friday, November 04, 2011

High School Memory

First a quick thanks to Zeb for turning me on to the Tavern.  Like Zeb, I spent some time in the Marine Corps, so I'm a slow learner.  If I screw something up or violate any rules, there's a good chance that it was unintentional. 
I posted something on Facebook yesterday that might (or might not) be worth sharing:
Scotty and his Canadian friends crushed my Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I circled around him a few times before directly confronting him. Turns out he's actually a great guy - maybe kicking Boston's butt wasn't personal after all? He ended up winning 9 Stanley Cups, the most in history. By the way, the crying in high school wasn't a total melt down, sissy fit kind of thing. It was more of a silent manly tear rolling down my cheek. Not like my emotional collapse when the Yankees beat the Red Sox in 1978. Does anyone know if Bucky Dent is planning a trip to Sarasota?
I received quite a few comments, but my favorite from Elena:  "Good God John, it's time to pull up your big boy panties and move on.. Geez.."


Zebster said...

John, that's great and welcome. Rick A is also on here and I know you know him, and another Jarhead friend of his and mine, George C; but I don't know if you know him or not.
If you need any help or have questions, you know where to find me. I think your day judging the chili cook-off would be something the guys would enjoy reading.

Brent said...

Welcome, John. Nice to see you here and can't wait to read more posts from you.