Thursday, November 03, 2011

Another Reason To Hate The Chargers

San Diego ChargersIt’s no secret I’m a Raider fan. In fact, I grew up a San Diego Chargers fan but that changed when in 2002 the legal counsel of the team told fans to give them a new stadium or they’re leaving for Los Angeles. Since we’ve previously lost the San Diego Clippers (NBA) and the San Diego Gulls (IHL version) to Los Angeles, I knew how this would turn out. I joined Raider Nation and never looked back.

Fast forward nine years later and the team is still holding the city hostage with its demand for a new stadium. And now we have another reason to hate the Chargers ownership:

Chargers owner Dean Spanos will help lead Texas Gov. Rick Perry's fundraising efforts in California, the campaign said Wednesday.

This is more than embarrassing. Not only does Perry lie about the details of his “Texas Miracle” but he regularly thumbs his nose at California for the fact we’ve lost a lot of jobs to other states. The Spanos family would be better corporate citizens (no thanks, Citizens United) if they held a fundraiser for a new stadium to keep the team in San Diego rather than support a loser off the field.

But that’s not the embarrassing part. This from the Perry team is:

Dean Spanos, Statewide Finance Chair

Spanos is chairman and president of the San Diego Chargers and has overseen the team's rise to become one of the National Football League's (NFL) most successful and respected franchises. He played an integral role on the NFL's Management Council Executive Committee during the recent labor negotiations. He also oversees all business and football operations for the Chargers and serves on the NFL Business Ventures, International and Legislative committees. Additionally, as president of the A.G. Spanos Companies, he and his brother, Michael, oversee all the company's construction operations nationwide.

Successful and respected? Thanks for the laugh, Governor Good Hair. How many Super Bowls have the Chargers won? Better yet, what is the won-loss record for the team in January? It’s marginally better than Nick Kaeding’s accuracy in the playoffs, which in plain English means they’re better off not winning the division if they’re going to lose in the first round anyway.

I guess Dean Spanos got bored propping up one loser with money and needed another one to keep him busy this winter.

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Zebster said...

Is the Murph that bad? I would think renovating it would be a helluva lot cheaper; and once the Jags move to LA, where's Spanos gonna get his leverage then?