Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome back to Victory Lane, Kasey Kahne

 I can't wait to make a post with that title regarding a win by the 43 car; it's been a long, long time.  But I'm happy my other favorite driver, Kasey Kahne, found his way back there this weekend.

Kasey has been one of my favorite drivers (along with whoever is driving for Richard Petty) since he broke in driving the #9 Dodge for Ray Evernham. He's a very talented driver who's been a winner at different types of tracks and is respected by his competitors. I wish he was still driving a Dodge and/or still driving for RPM but I'm still a fan and glad to see him get this monkey off his back, even if it was in a Toyota.
I can't seem to find a statistic that shows the points earned by EVERY driver since the Chase started but I contend my three favorite drivers (43, 4 & 9) are right at the top 5 since the Chase started, which makes me optimistic that Kasey will be in the Chase next year, his first driving the 5 car for Hendrick, and that for the first time since the Chase came into being we'll see a Richard Petty owned car in the Chase.
I like Elliott Sadler personally but that was a bonehead move in the Nationwide race on Saturday.  He put himself in a position to be a moving roadblock.  I don't blame anyone who ran into him.  If I'm driving behind him and he passes me, it's fair for me to assume he's faster than me, not suddenly pull a half a car length in front of me going considerably slower than me.  I don't think Leffler could have missed him if he wanted to, other than stopping on the track when he saw that fool move at the beginning.  I saw a lot of that during the Cup race, drivers diving down low to the flat spot and either losing ground to the cars they were trying to pass or coming up in front of those cars going way too slow to be there.
Now with Carl Edwards coming in to Phoenix with a 3 point lead, then finishing one position ahead of Tony Stewart but Stewart leading the most laps takes us to Homestead next weekend with Edwards still holding that 3 point lead. Who do you want to win the championship AND who do you think will? I'm rooting for Edwards but I can't help but wonder if that one point Stewart picked up at the end of the race yesterday passing Jeff Burton will be the difference. Edwards has traditionally been better than anyone at Homestead of late but this one's for all the marbles.
Anything else Nascar you'd like to talk about?


dasnake said...

both of us here at the snake pit are pulling for the cuz, we both like tony but carl always seems sincere and fanworthy. both my guys were way out, jeff with brake fade problems and jr. just not tracking. as for sadler i don't think it was boneheaded on his part as it was not paying close attention by leffler,when he and almirola were racing past the dogleg, elliot went low as we all saw, coming back into traffic almirola backed off and went wide but leffler stayed on the gas, either he wasn't watching or he was watching the wrong car.
the vickers, kenseth thing is what had me shaking my head, this is another up in the air feud that is getting blown out of proportion. both these guys are to blame for some of it, and i don't believe in this, he's in the chase so he is off limits call. if a driver wants to play with fire expect to be burned, eg. ron hornaday, i still say he was master of his own demise.
i was glad to see dinger came in sixth, but kasey winning was a real nice touch, he lives down the road about a buck and a quarter on i-5, i remember him first coming up from the trucks, with him and kenny both going to hendrick next year this is a big plus for the red bull team, i hope another big name comes up to bat for the team.

as for toyota what can i say, i'm dodge "troo and troo", but i follow the drivers who i like even though............!

what does everyone think of rootformeman being dumped by waltrip, i heard mike say it came quick because of two driver aquisitions, mark martin being the big draw, i think mark's glory days are over but his name is a BIG draw, but mike has two wins and david won them both, we'll see what happpens, david gave an interview three days after word came out and a classier explanation could not be asked for.
the points run is really funny, you get one point for this you get one point for that, two top teams going into phoenix with a three point spread and coming out with the same spread, i was really happy burton got fourth but third would have moved tony to four rather than three.

anybody else got nascar on their minds, one more race, one more party, then off to daytona, can't wait, fuel injection here we come.

dasnake said...

what a weekend so far, austin winning the trucks. nationwide, could you ask for a better race, carl, ricky and kes, three winners in one race, wow, first time i've seen a tractor push with a stock car, haha. if tomorrow pans out like i think it will,it'll be a great day/race, i remember when i was a kid and christmas day was tomorrow, i couldn't sleep, i then read until i fell asleep, well, tonight i got a couple of real west rags laid out, because once seinfeld is over there ain't nuttin to see, and the yak from the talking heads starts early. the cuz has the pole and tony is quite a ways back, i thought 28th, but i just heard something about 15th, i would love to see jr. take the race, but like i said earlier, i think he has some work cut out to get the speed and tracking up.

i have a question for zeb, how can i make a post without tagging onto someone else's post with just a comment or five, thanks all, cya post race.

dasnake said...

WOW. I MEAN WOW, the two top points guys going head to head for 30 plus laps, congrats tony, carl keep yur head up, great racing, reminds me of '92 when allen won the title, daytona here we come, boogity,boogity,boogity, let's go racing.