Monday, November 21, 2011

American League MVP (open thread)

It was just announced that Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers is the 2011 AL MVP, over Jacoby Ellsbury of the Red Sox who came in 2nd place.

So this opens up once again the old debate about whether a pitcher should even be considered for MVP, much less win the award.  I may surprise some of you, especially since a very deserving player from my beloved BoSox came in 2nd and would have won had pitchers not been eligible; but I submit that there is no single position on the baseball field more capable of dominating a game, winning a game SINGLE HANDEDLY than the pitcher, thus being the most valuable.  I do feel it should be the very rare instance where this happens because your position player is out there every day driving in runs and playing defense but during those 162 games how many times can you say that position player single handedly won the game?
So perhaps what we should have and had all along is three awards -- one for the best pitcher, one for the best position player and an MVP.  I feel that the voters would feel much less constrained if they didn't feel they were taking an award from an outstanding position player.
Your thoughts?


dasnake said...

i dunno, i only have one thought here, the cy young, that should end it for the pitcher, anyone else.

dasnake said...

i see joey bats is annoyed with the mvp call. if you look at yahoo sports he has quite a comment, one thing, he isn't crying for himself, the way i read between the lines, he's talking more for jacoby as an everyday than verlander who puts out every four or five games. i know this double handout has happened a handful of times, the last in '86, i but feel he thinks the way i do and a lot of others also, the every day guy should be the winner, just my thought.